Beginners Luck & The One Arm Bandit

I had been to the Las Vegas, Nevado scene a few times with my husband. However, when casinos were put in near my home area I refused to go to to them.

Finally, my mother and sister talked me into going to one with them. So… one evening we decided to go to a casino about 60 miles away. I only took $25 to gamble with and was going to quit once that $25 was gone. (If you have never gambled, that is NOT very much).

At that time, the machines required “quarters” to play the quarter machines (unlike the ticketed ones today). I decided I was going to stay at one machine and my mother and sister decided to try different machines every few minutes.

After about an hour playing this machine, I finally hit a jackpot of $200. I was thrilled!! (Beginners luck). I let all those quarters run into my purse and I refused to cash them in. Instead, I quit gambling and started walking around with $200 worth of quarters in my purse. It was VERY heavy. I don't know why, but I refused to cash the quarters in at the Cashiers Window.

On the road trip back home all I could think of was, “I can quit my job and live off the casinos. I can make at least $200 a week”.. etc… etc….

Of course, the next time we went to a casino, I promptly lost my $25. And the next time… and the next time. Finally…. gone was the dream of living off of gambling winnings.

I now have learned my lesson. I think those machines have some sort of a “sensing” mechanism that detects the “newbies” in order to get us hooked into their “foxy” games “and sticky” fingers.

Slot Machines are truly ONE ARMED BANDITS. !!! R U N R U N R U N !!!!

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DailyPrompt: Beyond the Pale

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?



Zero to Hero: Who Am I? (Good Question)

Good question! I am not even sure myself! Through blogging and writing I hope to be able to finally anwer that question, but I certainly will need all the help I can get.

I am taking part of the Zero to Hero Challenge with WordPress Daily Post. The Daily Post Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog.

Our first assignment is to tell our readers Who We Are. Therefore, I am going to try and tell you who I am and what my blog is about.

My internet name of Priceless Joy came after many years of mental anquish and hell. Evolution from that excruciating time in my life to finally being able to experience joy, was priceless. Therefore, my internet name, Priceless Joy.

I am still evolving as far as my self esteem and confidence and still have a long way to go. Hopefully, this challenge with WordPress will help me grow and evolve into that type of writer that readers want to rush to and read and devour.

I hope to be a light to those who are experiencing darkness – the kind which I experienced many years ago.

I hope to be an inspiration to those who need inspiration and encouragement in their life journey.

I hope to be a friend to those who need friendship and a blessing to those who need a blessing.

I hope to write about my experiences and bear my soul to my readers.

I hope to flourish in my writing abilities and be brave enough to “undress” (so to speak) my writing regarding my life and my experiences.

I hope to be able to write posts that are entertaining and funny, but also have meaning.

I hope to get to a point where I can encourage others to “let their light shine” too.

Once again, I hope to gain self esteem and rid myself of all my insecurities and inhibitions. (When I think about my writing being open to anyone in the world to read, I freeze! (Yes, I freeze solid!) So, hopefully, this challenge will help me warm up to this terrifying thought.

At this moment in time I feel like a deer in the headlights. Thus, I leave all of you very lovely people with one word… H E L P!!