A Post With a New Element and MAD

I am MAD!

On day six of the http://zerotohero challenge we are asked to publish a post that includes a new element. They gave us the instructions on how to download a video from Youtube and Vimeo. I downloaded Vimeo so I could embed a video from it and all the videos they showed on their first feed were pornography videos. After being shocked, I dropped that idea very quickly. It disgusts me that children can see these videos so easily. They didn't just show women naked, they showed women's private parts CLEARLY! Why would Vimeo allow these pictures to come up at the very beginning of their feeds when there are so many children on internet?

I realize that we cannot protect our children from everything on the internet, but sites like these sure do make it even more difficult for us.

Personally, I am going to delete Vimeo and use Youtube. And, if I find the same problem with Youtube, I will delete them too.

This picture is of my little granddaughter. I can't stand to even think of her viewing this garbage, and even worse, being used for such garbage.

For heaven's sake Vimeo and other video and picture sights, HELP US PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! Is that too much to ask? ——- NO !!!! ———-