Christmastime Television Commercials

Have you been watching Christmas movies this Christmas season? I recently noticed the frequency and length of commercials were more than any other time. So, I decided to watch a Christmas movie on the ABC Family Channel (soon to be known as FREEFORM) and time the length and frequency of the commercials.

6 minutes after the movie started there was a 4 minute commercial.

15 minutes later there was a 5 minute commercial.

10 minutes later there was an 8 minute commercial.

10 minutes later there was a 6 minute commercial.

5 minutes later there was a 7 minute commercial.

8 minutes later there was another 7 minute commercial.

This means the movie was 65 minutes long and the commercials all together were 40 minutes long. We, and our children, are being inundated with consumer brainwashing from network greed.

The stations that are doing this are going to be banned from my Christmas television viewing.

What are your views regarding Christmastime television commercials? Do the length and frequency bother you?