WP App Notifications

This morning my WordPress App Notifications was somehow turned off through WordPress and I was not able to read many peoples' comments.

I ended up having to delete the app and reinstall it. Once I did that, it fixed my problem, but a substantial amount of comments were lost in the process.

I just wanted to let you know that if you sent me a comment this morning and I didn't reply to it, it is because of this Notifications problem I had this morning and I apologize for not being able to get back to you.



Beauty in Ten Sentences

I have been invited by ItsPH to participate in a challenge of writing ten sentences, consisting of six words each, and containing the word beauty in each sentence. I am to end the post with a favorite quote about beauty.

1. Inside each person’s heart lies beauty.

2. Beauty is wealth to the eyes.

3. Through love do we shape beauty.

4. Kindness is our beauty inside out.

5. Beauty shapes our lives with light.

6. Let beauty shine all around you.

7. Beauty brings light to dark minds.

8. Beauty allows us to shine brighter.

9. Allow beauty to direct your mind.

10. Beauty endears us to its riches.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Instead of nominating someone, I open this up to anyone who would like to participate. Please write 10 sentences, consisting of 6 words in each sentence, and each sentence containing the word, beauty. Please end your post with your favorite quote about beauty.

Please link your posts back to: https://itsphblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/22/beauty-in-ten-sentences/

Thank you


Just a Few More…

There were a few more blogs that I wanted to highlight, along with the previous blogs today, and decided on a second post.

Once again, some of the blogs are new while others are well established. I wanted to bring them to your attention, in case you have not yet seen them on the WordPress blogosphere. Please check them out.


Ryan Lanz is the author of the blog, “A Writer's Path.” If you are an aspiring writer, I highly suggest you follow his blog. His posts are all geared in helping aspiring writers improve their writing, and helping established and aspiring writers' to overcome writers' block. Please check out his post,

“Under the Microscope: A Crimson Cord.”



Estalea is the author of the blog, “Estelea's Blog”. She and her husband and children currently live in the Philippines and are ready to relocate. Please check out her post,

“About Time to Embark on New Adventures.”



Insach, a new, young blogger on WordPress, is the author of the blog, “Insach.” Please check out his post,

“2014 in Review”



Ben Rowe is the author of the blog, “Aperture64,” and is an amazing photographer. Check out his post,

“Confession and Questions”



Terri Webster Schrandt is the author of the blog, “Perspectives On…” Please check out her post about Windsurfing:

“Photography 101: Triumphs of the First Time.”



Thank you for reading and checking out these blogs!

Introducing Wonderful Blogs…

Every Saturday, I am intoducing fellow bloggers, whose blogs I follow and enjoy. Some of them you may already be familiar with. The blogs that I introduce may or may not be new bloggers on WordPress. I just ask that you click on the links and check out their blogs.


The blog, Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog,” is authored by 5kidswdisabilities. Her blog posts are always interesting and highly endearing. Please check out her post,

“Quick..Tell Me Where to Turn.”



The Beleaguered Servant authors the blog, “No Talent for Certainty.” He writes beautiful poetry which I enjoy reading and feel you will too. Please check out his post,

“The Ghost of Christmas Failed.”



Mark Aldrich authors the blog, “The Gad About Town.” He writes very interesting articles about, well, just about everything. Please check out his post,

“First, Lasts, Somewhere in the Middle.”



D'Wayne is the author of the blog, D'way Crafts. He highlights his beautiful crochet projects. Check out his awesome Mock Fedoras in his post,

“Welcome Winter Two Crochet Mock Fedoras And A Squirrel.”



notavogan authors the blog, “On The Vogonity.” She describes her poetry as the “Fourth Worst Poetry in the World.” (It is better than that). Her poetic verses are always very entertaining. Check out her post,

“Hobbit-Hole is Where the Bed is.”



fsmithwrites is the author of the blog, “A Smith's World.” She is in the process of writing a book and has been introducing the characters of her book in her posts. I asked her to write a summary of her book for this post. Please check out her post,

“The Description and The Overview.”



joyroses13 is the author of the blog, “joyroses13.” She writes wonderful posts about her family, among other things. Every Friday she posts a 6 word story. Because some of us were a bit confused about what her six words were referring to, she answered with this post. Please check out her story,

“The Story Behind Today's 6 Word Story.”



laurenudoh is the author of the blog, “Brainwashed Beautiful Mind.” Please check out her poem, titled,




Thank you for taking the time to check out these terrific blogs!

Have a Happy Weekend!


Rolling Posts

In response to my earlier post about scrolling posts on your “Like” comments page, Dave, with ParkInkSpot came to my rescue! Thank you Dave!

– Go into your blog's dashboard and find the up and down arrow icon.

– Click on this icon and select, Reading.

– In this page you will first select: “first page displays latest post.”

– Next, (on the same page) go to “Infinity and Beyond” and select “Scroll Indefinately.”

This should change your posts displayed as scrolling!

Did You Know…

Something you can do to draw more readers to your blog?…….

People that have been blogging for awhile more than likely already know this. So, I am posting this for the newer bloggers in WordPress that follow me.

If you will make the three posts that shows on the bottom of your posts “rolling” (having it use your three latest posts), it will help bring more readers to your blog.

When you “Like” someone else's blog, if the three posts that shows at the bottom of your “Like” are always the same posts, people will stop clicking on those posts to read them, because they will have already been read.

If you would like to bring more readers to your blog, I suggest you take advantage of this worthwhile tip.


Blog Posts Question

What are your favorite blog posts to read?

1. Long, wordy and rambling?

2. Short and to the point?

3. Photographs only?

4. Advice giving?

5. Telling you what you should do? Information telling?

6. Information giving?

7. Story telling – non-fiction?

8. Story telling – fiction?

9. Day-to-day activities of the writer?

10. Poetry?

11. Contemplations?

12. Other: Please explain