2 thoughts on “image

  1. OH PJ! I finally remembered to take a look at your beautiful art you added. O. M. G! YOU ARE AN ARTIST my friend!!!!!!! My jaw dropped open and gasps escaped as I scrolled through these! These should be in a gallery and/or for sale! I hope you realize that! I hope you still draw and paint! You are sooooooo gifted! Love these red flowers!

  2. Jodi, I tried four times to respond to this comment from my reader and WP kept sending me an error message saying it couldn’t be sent. (!!?) Thank you so much for the kind words regarding my art. I have so many that I haven’t taken pictures of and many of those have been given away and I can no longer take pictures of them. I need to get back into my drawing because it is so relaxing for me, but to do so, I will have to stop doing so much blogging. One of these days, I will do it. You and your daughter in law have such wonderful and lovely things on etsy that I’m sure ya’ll will do very well! I am responding to this comment in the comments section of WordPress and I won’t be able to comment to your other comments about my drawings but believe me, I really appreciate you appreciating my drawings!

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