FFfAW-On Time

We fell in love in 2010 and had a wonderful time together going out for coffee and spending romantic time together.

One day he had to move and I was heartbroken. He promised to come see me every year on the date of our anniversary of our falling in love.

Every year since 2010 we have met and proclaimed our love to one another and then he would have to leave again for another year.

Today is September 21, the date of proclaiming our love to one another. I watch out the window and see, he is right on time.


Thank you Enisa for our photo prompt this week!


This is my 100 word story for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt that is kindly photographed by our participants and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. It's fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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85 thoughts on “FFfAW-On Time

          • Oh no! I can imagine you guys get pretty hot already at this time of year. I remember being nearby in Phoenix abc Scottadale for vacation a few years back, it was 46 degrees C or higher most days. Almost double that of room temp at 24 C. I’m glad the plumber is able to work on your air conditioner before the weather gets warmer. Even for tiny and short haired sugar, but you too. Nobody feels so great when the weathers too hot. How have you been doing otherwise?

          • It is already 90 degrees Fahrenheit here and much hotter than that in Phoenix, which I will be going there to my granddaughter’s graduation in a week. We go by Fahrenheit here and not Celsius. I don’t know how to tell temperature by Celsius. I’m doing well. My air conditioner is going and it is much more comfortable. How have you been doing?

          • Oh that’s great about your granddaughter. Both your grandson and granddaughter now, you must be very proud. What does she want to do for post secondary?

            Crossing my fingers your air conditioner is fixed soon. Yes , 46 degrees C would be in the 90’s F which is very hot for us, and for you. I’m glad you’re well.

            I’m doing good. I began a new job. Once a week or so helping out at Charity galas and golfing events with silent auctions. I work for a company called Givergy and I help guests use our technology on their smartphones or on kindle reading tablets. It makes it easy for them to sign in once, then watch the items they bid on throughout the event. From the kindle or the event website on their phone, guests can easily bid and also donate to the charity. It raises more money for the charities by a great degree and I help the guests if the tablets mess up or they make an incorrect bid. I help them sign in so it’s easy for them to bid/donate and then to pay if they’ve won auction items in the end. It makes the whole silent auction process much easier and quicker 🙂
            My first event was hosted by Children’s Literacy for example.

            I enjoy it, the fashion, the atmosphere, and talking to different people. It’s a night a week so I can last a regular shift of 6 to 8 hrs for a day or two a week. Usually just one day.

          • The plumber hooked up my air conditioner and it is working great! Yay! It is hot without one. Your new job sounds absolutely wonderful! It sounds like a perfect job Mandi and only one or two days a week is fantastic! It sounds like you are really important to this charity process and makes it all work seamlessly! Wonderful! I have had 3 grandsons graduate and now one granddaughter is graduating. I have 2 more to go. LOL! I hope you continue doing well, that is wonderful to know! I’m getting ready to go to bed so I will wish you sweet dreams!

          • Thanks PJ, it’s so far so good. I imagine like every job there will be some difficulties, but so far it’s working out well. I enjoy it a lot. I’m happy for all your grandchildren and hope they can (or have) found good programs for university, or some kind of job training, whatever that might be. Nice that granddaughter is the first girl. The dress is important with a girl lol. 👗 Hope you sleep well now that everything is fixed and have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Happy Mother’s Day as well!

          • Yes, they have all found good universities and are in programs that will train them for good jobs. I am proud of them all! I sleep good at night right now, it isn’t too hot at night here yet. My sister is staying with me right now. She had brain surgery in October and when she was in rehab she fell and broke her hip. She has been in rehab for 6 months. She is buying a house and is staying with me until it closes. It has been nice chatting with you Mandi! ((hugs!!))

  1. Lovely story although I think your characters have more stickability than I would have. Once a year for eight years wouldn’t be enough for me. Joy I had a lot of trouble linking today. I did it Tuesday night but it was gone by Wed morning and then did it again and it was gone in a couple of hours. just done it again and hope this one stays. Don’t know whether the problem is me or the linky.

  2. I loved your take on the prompt… but I would not want ‘a love only one a year” sounds like something different is happening the rest of the year? Enjoyed the read, just not sure if I would want to be either of these people.

  3. What a romantic yet bittersweet story!! Every year they proclaim their love and then have to separate again…oh my. What happens the other 364 days of the year…do they date others? Inquiring minds want to know…lol! Love this story PJ. 🙂

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