FFfAW-The Missing Body

Dr. Dearborn died. He was the beloved physician loved by many of his patients. It was quite a shock to the town when he passed. Oddly, his body went missing from the funeral home. Very strange thing indeed.

At first, the mortician tried to keep it a secret thinking he would be able to find the missing body. But several days passed without finding Dr. Dearborn's remains.

Finally, Mr. Edwards informed the family that his body had gone missing and that he was very sorry. The family were not concerned. They were sure his body had been raised into heaven.

Dr. Dearborn's body was never found so it was that it had been raised into heaven. They held the funeral with a closed casket. The family grieved in peace believing their loved one was in a better place.


Thank you Goroyboy for our photo prompt this week!


This is my 139 word story for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt that is kindly photographed by our participants and approximately 75-175 words with which to create our stories. It's fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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49 thoughts on “FFfAW-The Missing Body

  1. It’s good the family had such great faith. They found solace in their beliefs. Perhaps body and all ascend when a man is good enough to the people around him.

  2. Oh PJ I love this story!!! Hmmm so what did happen to his body??? Did he rise to heaven??? Was he not dead and he up and left town? It was all a setup as he wanted to start a new life? Is he a zombie? Wow this could go in so many directions…very clever!! Hope you and the critters had a wonderful day today!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxo ❤ 🙂

    • LOL! It’s up to the reader to decide! I have been busy today. My sister and niece are driving up tomorrow. My sister is going to be staying with me for awhile until she can find a place to live. I sure hope it isn’t too hard on me or on her!! ((HUGS!!)) xoxoxox

      • Oh that’s such great news!! I was just wondering tonight how your sister was doing…apparently well!! Yeah it’s an adjustment but just remember it’s only temporary and you won’t always have each other so enjoy it while you can and don’t sweat the small stuff…laughter is the best medicine!! xoxo

          • Oh no!!! Tonight when you go to bed first of all think – there is nothing for me to do right now, i love my comfy bed, my pillow feels so great…I’m at ease. It will be fun and nice to have my sister here for a while. The company will be enjoyable. It will be nice to have someone to talk with and watch tv with. I know it’s only for a short time, so I’m going to appreciate the moments and not worry about the things that might have bothered me…life’s too short…I’ll just laugh about it…what’s the big deal anyways. xo

          • The problem is that I don’t have room for her here. My place is small. It is perfect for me but not for two adults. I am going to try to enjoy her but I know it will be difficult because she is a difficult person. But I will do my best.

          • Then you’ll have to line up places to go look at each day so she can find something sooner rather than later…start looking online and in the paper! I know you will do your best!! xo

  3. Joy, not suggesting anything, but, can we be sure that Dr Dearborn didn’t accidentally go…to that other place, you know—the downstairs destination? I mean—hopefully, he didn’t have any skeletons in his closet or anything like that? 😀

  4. Oh! PJ! The doctor’s family is certainly a faithful bunch, aren’t they? Now my own Nancy Drew mind would never allow this so…I appreciate their faith.

    I really enjoyed the writing style of this story.


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