FFfAW – Daisy May

I have always been fond of grandpa's old pickup truck, Daisy May. It has been parked in my folks' backyard since my grandpa died fifteen years ago.

When I ask my mom why she keeps that old truck in her backyard she tells me because it reminds her of her father and it makes her feel like he is still close to her heart.

My grandpa was an immigrant from the old country and he brought his family to America for a better life. He came to the new country with $50 in his pocket. And, he worked hard at minimum wage jobs until he could buy a business of his own.

My grandpa didn't become a rich man in wealth but he did become a rich man in the way he raised his family and became a leader in our little community.

I'm glad that my grandpa's pickup remains in my folks backyard because it makes me feel close to him too.

Thank you Mike Vore for our photo prompt this week!

This is my 163 word submission for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which we create our stories. It's fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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75 thoughts on “FFfAW – Daisy May

  1. here where I am and there where you are – thank you for writing this tribute to those who were brave in a new land with so little and no turning back sometimes – and raised amazing people and took care of their families – i really loved reading this PJ! You have a unique style of getting around my heart!

  2. This struck a chord with me Priceless. For years after my fathers passing I could get in the cab of his truck and smell his aftershave. It’s like I got in right after he got out. It felt good. Thanks for the memory prompt. I may have to write about that.

  3. You just have to work until you make it! So many people before us sacrificed so much to progress ahead, but the most valuable lesson is to be content with what you have. I enjoyed this one.

  4. As the daughter of immigrants, I can appreciate the value of that old truck. It serves as a medal of honour for those who worked hard to succeed in their adopted countries.

  5. I love the nostalgia behind this PJ. What an accomplishment the Grandpa had, starting a new life in the US and providing and loving his family. If it was me I’d keep the Daisy May in my backyard too πŸ™‚ Hope you’re good. Have a lovely week.

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