FFfAW – Miguel

Miguel was only seven years old but he was wise beyond his years. His single mother who was raising him, told him not to leave the parking lot of their apartment complex when he would go out to play.

One day he asked his mother why she had to go to work at night. She told him because that is how she made their living.

Miguel walked around the parking lot with his hands in his pocket trying to understand. Why did she have to make her living walking the streets?

He kicked his tennis shoes through the puddle wishing she was a waitress that worked days like Bobby's mom. Then he had an idea! He would take her to meet Bobby's mom and she could get her a job as a waitress!

He went home to an empty apartment, pleased, knowing that he was going to help his mom.

Thank you Jessica Haines for our photo prompt this week!


This is my 150 word submission for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which we create our stories. It is fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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78 thoughts on “FFfAW – Miguel

    • That is so true J.R. and I thought the very same thing as I was writing it. I do too hope she gets the job and especially because her sweet little boy wants her to so badly. Thank you so much sweet J.R.!

  1. this was so sweet to read – little people with big thoughts and even bigger dreams – oh the unquestionable love he has for his mother – seen so beautifully in your story PJ.

  2. lovely take on the prompt.. how much goes on in a child’s mind, right.. they have small requests in life, but seems like they’re the major ones

  3. A wonderful story…A lot said in so few words. Miguel probably does not know how his mom makes her living, but is concerned that she is gone a lot and is probably not very happy. Perhaps there is a chance she could get to know his friend’s mother and if the friendship goes well she may be influenced to try another profession especially when her son is showing real concern for her. Sometimes when a parent is faced with certain circumstances that involve the child and the child expresses concern for them, changes can be made. Hopefully, that will be the case for them.

  4. That was both a sad and happy story. I like how you blended the two together. I hope Miguel’s mom meets Bobby’s mom and gets a day job so she and Miguel can spend more time together. Interesting take from the photo prompt.

  5. It’s wonderful how children can see things so simply and so clearly! I hope the plan works out, for the child’s sake too.

  6. Oh, it’s a sad story but one that is probably true for many kids worldwide. I’m glad your story has a nice hopeful ending for this mother and her little boy. (It seems like only yesterday you were setting up your challenge, PJ – and look how far you’ve come with it now! Many congrats.)

  7. I sincerely hope he can help his Mom. Some waitresses do very well if they’ve experience and can move up to more classy restaurants eventually. Tips can be good if the waitress is good. I liked your take.

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