FFfAW – Home

My favorite thing to do is go out into the desert and walk among the hills and rock formations.

I love the solitude and the freedom that it allows me to have out among nature, watching the lizards and horned toads scurrying over the rocks to their homes.

Sitting underneath the stars that stretch along the sky, I know that I am in my element and I lie back and take it all in.

I feel at peace among my lizard friends, here in the desert, where it is quiet. So very quiet.

I am truly home, in the desert.


Thank you Grant-SUD for our photo prompt this week!

This is my 100 word story for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which we create our stories. It's fun and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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69 thoughts on “FFfAW – Home

  1. finding your own special place, how lovely PJ! Even the arid desert has her beauty. I imagined taking the walk with you. I went to Red Rock last year and the wind was the only thing I heard, so peaceful.

      • Wow! How Coincidental? I was there is March and loved the beauty of the desert, so different from the area I live in. The colours were spectacular. You live in really lovely country.

          • It took a little getting used to, I live in very humid weather and my skin was so dry all the time. first time I was in a real desert and I was really pumped up. So many new things to discover, even the desert flowers bloomed for me! do you make trips to Red Rock often?

          • USA is huge and the scenery just changes on such a drive I am sure. I have only seen parts of America and I love discovering new places when I am there. Fortunately my works takes me or else I would never be able to afford such a trip. Be blessed PJ on you visits to see your kids!

    • I love going to the hills and mountains too! I’m not sure where this photo is from because it is from Grant-SUD but it looks similar to my area except for my area isn’t red rock. The red rock cliffs and rock formations are about 200 miles from me.

  2. Well you’vereally got me pegged in those one hundred words. It took me about 10 years of living here before i felt this way but now the desert is truly home.

  3. Ahhh nature, there’s nothing better than being able to spend time with nature. To sit and be quiet and observe all that’s around you. You do sound like you are very “at home” in the desert. Love this PJ!!

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