FFfAW – My Friend, Marley

Marley is one of the nicest dogs I have ever met. I walk by him every single day and he always wags his tail and acts genuinely happy to see me. It's a pleasure to walk by this yard and see “Marley.” Of course Marley isn't his real name, it's just the name I call him because he is such a happy, lovable guy. And, he always loves the treats I bring him.

As I walked by Marley today, a litter of puppies came bouncing out rambunctiously. I had to laugh when I realized that my Marley is actually Marlena.


Thank you Yinglan for our photo prompt this week!

This is my 100 word entry for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt each week, along with 75-175 words with which we create our stories. This challenge is open to everyone who would like to participate. For more information, click HERE.

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112 thoughts on “FFfAW – My Friend, Marley

  1. A nice funny one, I like it! And that’s happened to me, too. For some reason I always assume dogs are boys and cats are girls; which means I’m wrong about half of the time, duh!

  2. LOL! This was so cute, PJ. And I think it’s happened to the best of us, when a Charlie becomes a Charlotte or in this case, a Marley becomes a Marlena!

          • My oldest two were find in the middle of a dirt road in West Virginia when they were four weeks old. They were left for dead (no food or water). They don’t have cat shelters where we were so they came home until we could find a home for them. 15 years later..they are still here. I have acquired a half grown white cat that walked up to the house in October. But in another house, two dogs found a home through me.

          • That’s so sad that they were left for dead. Thank goodness you took them in. Your white cat came to you in October and has found a good home. I know about feeding animals and they adopt you as their owner! I think that is what happened with this ferrel cat I have been feeding.

            I was giving my neighbor’s dog treats through the fence and before I knew it, the dog was in my yard. I have a 6 foot fence. I don’t know if the dog climbed the fence to my yard or if the neighbor put her in. All I know is I had a hard time getting him to come and get her out of my yard.

          • If the treats were good, he could climb any fence. Or if it’s a husky it would dig it’s way in. But you would see the hole or dog head sticking through it

          • Well, she wouldn’t be able to bounce through my fence but she could have come over the top, but I doubt it. I think her owner was wanting to get rid of her. After he FINALLY came over and got her he just let her go free to run the streets and get picked up by animal services.

          • That could be if the dog was never socialized. The lonely dogs get angry at people for being left alone. They get really anxious and agitated

          • It’s a shame people get these dogs to e guard dogs and treat them like garbage. Then when they are aggressive throw them away or turn them loose.

          • I agree. It is a shame! I don’t know how aggressive his dog was all I know is that she growled at me. It’s very irresponsible (and heartless) to let your aggressive dog go free in the neighborhood because you don’t want them anymore.

          • Pit bull mixes and boxers are dumped like that all the time. You would think having an animal for a couple months you would have an attachment to it. I don’t know why anybody couldn’t feel that. But then again, I’m not a big people person.πŸ™‚

          • I know. You would think you would have an attachment to the dog. It’s so cruel to let them go to fend for themselves. Probably to end up being picked up by animal services and be put down. Well, not probably. If the dogs are aggressive they are automatically put down.

          • There are some shelters that ate no kill that try to rehab dogs. Of course, if they can’t they go back to a normal shelter. But about half are saved, usually youngest ones

          • At that time our shelter wasn’t a “no kill” shelter. Since then it has become one. It would be nice to know they rehabilitated this dog and found her a good home with someone who cares about her.

          • Your shelter may get help from Best Friends Animal Rescue (they are in Kanab,UT) They are huge in spreading the “no kill”movement.

          • That certainly is possible! I’m very happy they have finally become a no kill shelter. Of course, that doesn’t mean that some of the animals aren’t put down.

          • They can do it for medical reasons. But they have agreements with normal shelters that they can exchange animals if need be. Temperament and age related illnesses cause problems with adoption. It hard to find people to take in special needs animal

          • I’m sure you are right about that. I know that with some illness are infectious to other dogs and the dogs have to be put down to keep the other dogs from being infected (Parvovirus, for instance). Cats that have Feline Leukemia have to be put down for the same reason. I’m sure there are other illnesses too that I’m not familiar with. Also, as you said, those dogs (or cats) with special needs are difficult to find homes for.

          • There are so many animals with diabetes and leukemia these days. We share loosy diets with pets. It can break you trying to treat these guys. Our shelter have a heart string story once a month to help a couple but you know there ate so many more out there

          • That’s right. I forgot about diabetes. I imagine there are a lot of pets that have this disease that no one will adopt because of the expense. I use to go to the shelters and foster a dog and try and find that dog a home. A few of them I adopted and a few of them I found homes for.

          • My wife always talks about fostering but she knows she’ll get attached to the dog. There’s a couple that we could cycle dogs fairly quickly if they are healthy. But my wife is the one for the hardship cases.

          • We went to the APL and wanted to adopt an 8 year old Russian Blue Cat. The previous owner said no dogs and we still had our lab. She got into it with the manager. It had been there for ten weeks and was near the time limit. She wants that old dog or cat

          • The previous owner turned in the cat with a condition that it could go to a house with a dog. The APL honors those requests even at the demise of the animal if it prevents an adoption

  3. this is the sweetest story PJ! i love dogs and rescue them and i am sucker for fluffy ears and soft fur. i like that you were so sweet to name him/her!

    • Thank you! I’m getting ready to go read your story. This time I will know that it isn’t for Friday Fictioneers. LOL! I feel so bad about that happening. Thank you for being so nice about it.

  4. Ohhhh…I love this, what an adorable story! Marley is Marlena…what a sweet picture too! I love what drew from that with this story. xo πŸ™‚

  5. A very sweet story, PJ. My Mum had a cat when she was younger that she thought was female. It wasn’t until they took ‘her’ to the vet to be spayed that they discovered she was actually a he and so needed a rather different operation! They decided to leave him with the girly name, Popsy, though. πŸ™‚

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