Moral Monday – Love Does What?

Moral Mondays is a challenge, hosted by Nortina, author of the blog, Lovely Curses. We are to write a story with a particular moral written in. We are not to state what that moral is. The reader is suppose to figure that out. We are given 100 words with which we are to write our story. This is my 100 word story:


Myrna tenderly picked up the injured hummingbird, and the little bird trembled with fear. She kissed the top of the bird's head and gingerly placed her in a box with a feeder.

Every day Myrna picked up the bird with her finger, kissed the top of its head and carefully placed her on the outdoor table to try and get her to fly. But, she couldn't fly.

Myrna continued this routine for several weeks, seeing if her wing had healed.

One day, the hummingbird was able to fly, and she flew away.

Now, the bird comes often to Myrna's feeders. (100)








58 thoughts on “Moral Monday – Love Does What?

    • Thank you, Mandi. This is a true story with the exception. I only had the bird for one week and I turned her over to bird rehabilitationers. They had her for 2 weeks before her wing finally healed and she could fly away. It was an awesome experience!

  1. Aww, sweet story! My mom used to volunteer to help injured ducks whose wings were injured. She would nurse them back to health then have to let them go! Sad to say goodbye. Reminds me of an Andy Griffith Show episode where Opie killed a mama bird and had to take care of the babies. Eventually, Opie let the birds loose and sadly said, “Oh Pa, the cage is empty.” To which Andy answered, “But ain’t the trees nice and full.” πŸ™‚

  2. Aww.. so sweet. We need more people like her with a kind and big heart. Great story PJ and I like how you use the moral lesson in your story. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Maria. It is a challenge that uses Morals. Nortina gives us a moral and we are suppose to write it into our story without giving away the moral. The moral this week is, “Love Conquers All.”

  3. Lovely, I did that once with a wild bird. Sadly, it was in Alaska and a fox got to him, when stupid me thought he could use some air. Wild place, wild animals!
    Loved your story!

    • Thanks Nortina! This is a true story. I rescued a little hummingbird from my cat. I kept her for a week and then turned her over to bird rehabilitators. I really enjoyed the week that I had her.

  4. PJ, You write such great short stories, I hope that one day you compile a whole book of short stories and get it published. You are absolutely creative with them. Love how it all ties to the pictures and now this challenge as well. Great job.

      • I am sure its just a slump, but you will get over it and back to your usual writing. I find it hard to write fiction and always in awe of everyone who can look at a picture and write a short story. Maybe its time for a non-fiction post from you.

        • Thank you! I have been experiencing burnout lately. In fact, I took some time away from the blogs and am just getting back into it today. Not sure if it will be full blown yet or not. I just needed a break. πŸ™‚

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