DWotD Haiku Challenge #3

Kat, author of the blog, like mercury colliding, hosts a “Dictionary Word of the Day Haiku Challenge” each week and my word for this week is:


isonomy: noun. Equality of political rights

Your isonomy

is very important now

with elections soon.

Poetry and Haiku eludes me but I'm giving it a go, why don't you? Please join this fun challenge by checking out Kat's challenge post HERE.



47 thoughts on “DWotD Haiku Challenge #3

  1. I love your Haiku! It is perfect for today’s word! A very timely subject! And don’t beat yourself up over syllables. It’s an easy fix…you could change the last line to “with elections soon!” or as Rosema suggested, remove the “with”. But you captured the word perfectly! I am so happy that you have joined that challenge! πŸ™‚

  2. Great haiku, PJ. πŸ™‚ I find them quite addictive to write – I always have a notepad in my pocket when I go out for walks and I’ll often write them when I’m out and about!

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