Reprise: Stop the Bus!

Here are some other writing prompts you may enjoy participating in if you don’t already participate in them.

by LRose

Posted this about 6 months ago. Prompts make writing not only fun, but maddening, exciting, frustrating, exhilarating…but most importantly, prompts feed the need to write, even if all you do is jot thoughts in a journal and never look at them again. C’mon! Time writing anything is never time wasted.

Capture Comment string from Grammar Ghouls writing prompt site

“Hello. I see you are reading a book. Ever thought of writing one? How about just a chapter? A half of a chapter? I ask, because, you see, I am a blog propellant…hmm? Oh. I said, ‘Propellant.’ No, no. Not ‘repellent.’ I’m not….anyway, what I do is, I encourage people to wri…hmm? Blog? It’s an online…no, no, not ‘bog.’ I am not a bog repellent. Anyway, as I started to say, I encourage people to write, in blogs, and I represent a group of people who…(bus starts to pull over…

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