Hot Flash Mania!

(Menopausal) Hot Flash Mania! Hahahahaha!


I am a raving lunatic
Get the bleep away from me,
I’m having quite the hissy fit
Don’t make me count to three.

I’m vacuuming the house right now
I’m cleaning every stitch,
The sweat is beading off my brow
Here comes that Inner Bitch.

It’s bad enough I have to clean
But really must I Flash,
I’m so effin hot right now
What’s ok to smash?

My neck is sore, my arm is tired
I think I’m gonna cry,
Oh hurry and be done already
Why did I even try.


That is it, I am done!
I’ve put it all away,
I’ll sit down now and regroup some
Oh, I might even play.

I’m cooling back to normal
My temper’s flaring down,
Actually I’m chilly
Why’s my sweater on the ground?

Was I really oh so angry?
Absurdly out of control?
And why is everyone hiding,
Hey, where did…

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44 thoughts on “Hot Flash Mania!

    • My friend Deb wrote this post and I reblogged it. I wasn’t aware of where the picture came from. Thank you for letting me know! Yes, like you, I remember those days too. Whew! Hot! LOL!!

      • Oops! I just re-read this. The correct title of the movie is “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” I don’t know where my head was when my fingers were talking, but my guess is somehow visiting Virginia Woolf. 🙂

        Bette Davis was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar but lost. It still is one of my favorite movies.

      • I’m just special. (But I’ve been pregnant and nursing on and off for the last 6 years.) I also have thyroid disease and PCOS… And this is cracking me up, because I sound ridiculous, but it’s true. I’m sure in my menopausal years I will be a mess.

        • Oh gosh, I’m sorry you have those problems. I think it is wonderful that you are nursing your babies. I believe nothing is better for them than mother’s milk. You may be surprised – when you go into menopause you may not have any symptoms at all because you are having them now. 🙂 I hope that is the case for you.

          • No you are absolutely right. And it took us four years to have our first son, and five more years before we had our daughter. We consider the two babies after our daughter complete miracles. Often after getting pregnant the problem goes away. But after some other complications, I was just tested again and the problem still exists.

          • That would have been wonderful had the problem gone away after your pregnancy. That is so wonderful you have been able to have children. My cousin was not able to have children and they ended up adopting a little girl.

          • I don’t know why things happen the way they do. I have two great dance that could not have children. Actually one of them had three children died after birth. Between the two of them they adopted four babies, and my grandma, their sister, had seven children. Sometimes things just don’t seem to make sense. But if they had been able to have their own they most likely would have never adopted the ones they have. And that’s hard to imagine now.

  1. Ha, ha, this is too cute… I started laughing right away when I saw the first few lines and you mentioned hissy fit, haven’t heard that word in awhile…is that lady Bette Davis oops aka Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest? lol, if not, she sure do remind me of the menopausal lady…sounds like something she would say.

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