FFftPP-Big Dreams

We started our lives in New York but moved to San Francisco. Jorge and I had big dreams in San Franscisco. He was going to run his own Architectural Engineering business. We would live in a big two or three story home with a fancy garage and a mini-van filled with children. We were on our way to achieving our dreams when the housing market collapsed. We lost our business, then our home.

Jorge is working for another Architectural firm while I am a stay-at-home mother and housewife. Together we are raising three children in a small apartment. Some days, we just get by.

We fondly think back to our childhood; how things seemed so simple back then. “Yep, we think, we can do this. But, nothing is ever as easy as it looks…”


Image from publicdomainarchive.com

This is my submission for the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner, hosted by Roger Shipp. He provides us with a photo prompt and the first sentence to our story. This week it is, “Nothing is ever as easy as it looks.” For more information about this challenge, click HERE.
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64 thoughts on “FFftPP-Big Dreams

  1. I don’t think of minivans when I think of San Fran – and the cost of one of those homes, ouch! I can see why the woman reflects on how easy things seem when you’re young. Great submission as always!

    • Hahaha! I didn’t even think of that! Minivans probably aren’t something you would find in San Franscisco. Yes, a 2 story or 3 story home would be very expensive there. Hopefully, people will realize that since they are from NY they didn’t know that.

      • Ha! I have a romanticized idea of what San Fran would be like to live with young children — I would definitely want one of those homes on the row and take them to all the cultural experiences San Fran has to offer, but in reality {if we could afford to live there!} I’d likely be working a ton of hours to pay for the lifestyle! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration — I love your perspective!

  2. A very realistic interpretation of the prompt. One side of me says, it sounds like the story, of many people who wanted better things for themselves and their family and ended up losing their job. It sounds like my own family when we were little kids, my Mom was at home, at my Dad worked at a Christian school that didn’t pay well. It’s not a bad place to start in life. But another part of me, has high hopes for dreams and accomplishments, and hopes that dreams don’t always stay dreams. Great piece!

    • That’s true, Mandi. Dream don’t always stay dreams. A lot of dreams come true! Trouble is in 2008 many people lost their dreams because of the real estate crash. I had just retired so it didn’t affect me – directly. But it sure hurt a lot of people!

      • That’s true. There is trouble like that everywhere. Here oil is at such a low price because of low demand, many men who worked in the oil industry making excellent money, have lost their jobs. Many who used to be coming to Alberta for work, are going back home to other provinces they came from for jobs. And oil prices make our Canadian dollar very low. It used to be on par or close to the US dollar now it’s worth thirty cents less at best. So, I know people here who are having to redefine their dreams as your characters did. Thanks.

  3. Such a realistic story. It sucks when things spiral to the drains and it’s not your fault, it’s just life being an ass. Nothing is ever as easy as it looks indeed, PJ.

  4. But you can never stop trying to achieve your dream. The silver lining, it’s better for your kids that you are a stay-at-home Mom, Jorge will have his own business again and the housing market will turn around….nothing stays the same, believe in the positive and you will attract it! See how much you drew me in on this story! Great job PJ… xo

  5. Isn’t it always that way. It’s easier to think of the ‘good old days,’ then deal with the problems of the moment. Usually, the rough days end up being the ‘good old days’ sometimes in the future. Thanks.

  6. OH the dreams we have!! And you are so right! But I like how they seem to be making the best of it and creating warm memories even if the dreams didn’t work out. They still have each other and their family and they can make new dreams πŸ™‚ Good job!

  7. I couldn’t help thinking “Ain’t that the truth!” as I read the end of your piece this week! There’s a great nostalgia in seeing those toys, remembering a simpler time. Oh, to be a kid again!

  8. They say “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” you captured this idea so well. As for the minivan they’d probably drive a prius or e-car, minivans must be hard to drive up/down those steep hills.
    When I was little my father worked nights for the transit authority and my mom took care of all three of us in a 3-room apartment until I was 5 and she went back to work. Best days of my life!

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