SPF-Time Capsule

Boop, Beep, Boop, Beep…”

The water droplets in the glass container danced to the music when suddenly, two little beings stepped out from the water droplets onto the top of the cabinets.

“Monpegus, where are we?”

“We are suppose to be in the early 21st century.”

“How did we get here?

“Lilinan, the humans put our time capsule on top of their cabinet. The water droplets brought us back to this continent and into this time period.”

“What are we going to do to get back home, Monpegus?”

“Sssh, there are humans coming. Get back into the capsule.”

“Beep, Boop, Beep, Beep…”

“Lilinan, keep thinking, “there's no place like home…there's no place like home….”

This is my 114 word story for the flash fiction challenge, Sunday Photo Fiction, hosted by Al Forbes. Al furnishes us with a photo prompt and approximately 100-200 words with which we build our stories. It is fun and addicting and everyone is invited to participate. For more information, click HERE.

To read the wonderful stories written by very creative writers, click HERE.


67 thoughts on “SPF-Time Capsule

  1. That was a great story! Stephen King is of the mind that the art of writing short stories is becoming a lost art- everyone want to write the big book, or the series…but to create a great short story? It’s just as entertaining and I’m glad people are doing it.

  2. This is really lovely. ☺️They didn’t like it on earth, there’s no place like home! LOL! πŸ˜„ Love the way you made the sound boop, beep, boop , beep… then beep, boop, beep, boop!

    • LOL! Are you familiar with the “Wizard of Oz?” At the end Dorothy wanted to get back home and the Wizard told her to snap her shoes together twice and say, “There’s no place like home…There’s no place like home.” Haha!

  3. Haha, there sure is no place like home. I am not familiar with wizard of Oz πŸ™ˆ. I’m heard of it but still haven’t read or watched the movies. BTW, I loved your story Pj.

  4. I love your take on this prompt, Joy! Cute idea making the sound of the water droplets. The “little beings” ….LOL’s …could it be that we (human beings) are somewhat related to them? Perhaps some very distant cousins or something. Nice of them to stop by for a visit, and like us…they know “there is no place like home!” πŸ™‚

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