FFfAW-The Virus


The UFO could be seen on the radar several minutes before loud emergency warnings began going off. The U.S. Heroicans were quickly deployed.

Six sickly green aliens immediately stepped from the spaceship.

The Heroicans Commander asked, “What is your mission here?”

“To find ways to save our planet and inhabitants,” answered the alien leader.

Wiping perspiration off his forehead, “Our help?” the Commander coughed, “Our people are presently being destroyed.”

“Precisely the reason we need to work together in good faith.”

Peering from red infected eyes, the Heroicans Commander retorted, “This damn sickness must be all over the universe.”



Our photo prompt has been provided by Sonya, with the blog, “Only 100 Words.” Thank you Sonya!

This is my 100 word submission for the challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 75-175 words with which we create our stories. It is fun and addicting and everyone is invited to participate. If you would like more information, click HERE.

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108 thoughts on “FFfAW-The Virus

  1. I love the idea of aliens and humans coming together to save each other’s race, and how the Commander doesn’t seem all that surprised to see them! Great story πŸ™‚

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t help feeling the opposite- probably due to too many “War Of The Worlds” type scenarios. Are they really here to work together? Or try!

  3. Everyone’s being optimistic & I’m like they infected the planet with an alien disease that we know nothing about. There’s no hope for us! Haha! Thus ends my doomsday rant. πŸ˜€

  4. I hope they can lay everything else aside and help each other to find a cure. Once they’re all better, they’ll start attacking each other, presumably (oh cynical me!).

  5. I enjoyed this post. The idea of the green thing as some sort of a space ship is intrigueing. What is more, it is interesting to have aliens suffering from a disease, like the plagues etc. which have struck humanity. Are we going to be able to help these aliens or will their disease spread to humans too and indeed be all over the Galaxy. Great post PJ, it raises a lot of questions.

  6. Wonderful story, Joy! This could be very real one day and shows the need of everyone…including aliens, etc. that we are unaware of , to band together and make a safer and more enjoyable existence for everyone to live. We are always afraid of the unknown, but have to consider the known as well and strive to always make things better. That’s not to say, we should jump right in and immediately act, but rather, stay on our guard and proceed with caution!

  7. Too often aliens are presented as only wanting to conquer and destroy – it’s nice to see them wanting to work together with humanity. I just hope that the cooperation between the species continues after a cure is found! Good story, PJ. πŸ™‚

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