Christmastime Television Commercials

Have you been watching Christmas movies this Christmas season? I recently noticed the frequency and length of commercials were more than any other time. So, I decided to watch a Christmas movie on the ABC Family Channel (soon to be known as FREEFORM) and time the length and frequency of the commercials.

6 minutes after the movie started there was a 4 minute commercial.

15 minutes later there was a 5 minute commercial.

10 minutes later there was an 8 minute commercial.

10 minutes later there was a 6 minute commercial.

5 minutes later there was a 7 minute commercial.

8 minutes later there was another 7 minute commercial.

This means the movie was 65 minutes long and the commercials all together were 40 minutes long. We, and our children, are being inundated with consumer brainwashing from network greed.

The stations that are doing this are going to be banned from my Christmas television viewing.

What are your views regarding Christmastime television commercials? Do the length and frequency bother you?



74 thoughts on “Christmastime Television Commercials

  1. The amount of marketing pushed toward children during the holiday season is out of control. Instead of simply enjoying a holiday move you can feel bombarded by all the holiday sales urging you to run out and buy the latest, greatest before it’s all gone. The frequency is a bit much, especially as much as most of us pay for cable…we should be able to view more than 10-15 minutes of a movie without ads.

  2. I just watched White Christmas, and when the commercials came on I did other things, it’s what I always do, so I don’t pay attention to the commercials, but if I meant to just sit and watch, yeah, it really bothers me. We watched the Adele concert the other night and after almost every song – a commercial. I’m not sure why they imagine that we, as a public, ever watch the damn things, but someone is?
    As far as frequency, you really notice those when the commercial is particularly irritating. Ugh!

  3. I don’t like commercials, never liked them. That’s why I’ve chosen to watch mostly PBS where it’s commercial-free. When I watch the regular channels with commercials, whenever they come on, I will just change the channel. I rather miss several seconds of the show then spend the time watching commercials.

    • I do the same thing. I switch to a program that doesn’t have a commercial at the same time. Usually I end up watching two programs at the same time just because I am avoiding the commercials.

  4. Yes! They are annoying as can be. They are making money hand over fist which is why people are making outrageous amounts as actors. Ugh. I don’t mind people making money. But the shows are shorter. The seasons are shorter. And we are paying more to watch less.

  5. Wow – I don’t watch that much. That would be frustrating. I had no idea commercials were that often and that long! I like to watch on demand and only have a few shows I watch. Hubby is the tv watcher. I’m usually on my computer or reading or working 🙂 I do enjoy christmas movies though.

  6. I’ve been lamenting the commercials since I was a kid. Stupid they’re more than half the length of the show. I didn’t have a stopwatch but I swore they were somehow cramming 20 minutes into a 30 minute cartoon show, back when they had good cartoons that were worth watching on tv.

    • I know what you mean and it is even worse today. This is the first time I have ever timed them. I did it because I was so frustrated with the amount, frequency and length of the commercials on our programs. I think television watchers need to take a stand against it. Boycott the networks that are so bad about it and especially don’t allow our children to watch them. As one commenter said, we are paying more for less.

  7. Absolutely! I have been using the commercials to get up and do a few of my physio exercises or just a teeny tiny walk about. Not sitting to watch them.

  8. I really don’t like most commercials and the Christmas ones bother me more than the others. My very least favorite is the Lexus “December to Remember” commercial.

    • I am not familiar with that commercial but I have heard the, “December to remember” before. That is something that can get inside your brain and you can’t get it out. Ugh! Anyway, the holiday commercials are WAY over board!

  9. The mute button on my remote control is just about worn out! There should be a limit on the amount of time a show can use for commercials….we pay for cable and should not have to weed through the time consuming commercials that are trying to sell us something we do not want and are not interested in. And, to add insult to injury….they keep showing the same commercial again and again and again. If you want to see a movie with No commercials, or a TV show, or series of shows, I highly recommend Netflix….extremely reasonable in price and easy to connect to.. Great post, Joy!

    • I’m going to check out Netflix. Is it something you watch on your computer or the television screen? I agree with you, the amount of commercials on television programs should be controlled. I was watching a show a little while ago and the commercials came on just about every 10 minutes and each lasting about 4 minutes. THAT Is ridiculous!

  10. Yes, you can watch it on either, and once you are signed on you can choose either, without additional charge. I even watch some on my Kindle Fire when I am out of town since I can get WiFi where I travel. It is determined by you account, not your your choice of what you use to watch it. If you have a smart TV you will have the icon on your TV, if you do not, you can buy a roku and get it hooked up with that and it is simple to install.

  11. One of my televisions has a dual tuner which means I can split screen it and watch two show at the same time. Not picture in a picture either, it’s a feature I love and wish all televisions came with dual tuners that way you never have to watch commercials…but that’s probably why most tv’s don’t have that feature…you’ve got me timing it now too by the way!! HA~

  12. Wow, that’s pretty bad. It’s getting worse here too though not nearly that bad. This is why I never watch channels which have adverts (i.e. non-BBC channels) when broadcast, I record them and fast-forward the adverts. Though with this many ads that would also be very frustrating.

  13. Wow, I knew it was bad but that is REALLY bad! Since I multi-task all the time anyway, I either do something during commercials, pause the DVR then fast forward through the commercials. Perhaps the most annoying thing is that these shows are older and don’t cost the network much $$, so all the ads are gravy I assume.

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