FFfAW-Special Challenge for Barbara Beacham

It is a perfect day. The white puffy clouds tenderly stroke the sky and birds call to each other as they pass over the lighthouse that guides Barbara home; to her forever home.

I wave at her as she passes and she waves back. Her smile is big and beautiful. It is apparent she doesn't feel pain anymore. I smile back; happy to have met her on my journey.

Someday, I too will come to that lighthouse and it will guide me to my forever home. Somewhere, Barbara will be there and we will write stories together and laugh at our silliness.

Goodbye Barbara. God be with you until we meet again.

This is my submission for the special challenge in Barbara Beacham's honor. Barbara was the host for the challenge, Monday's Finish the Story. I remember her fondly and are grateful to have met her on WordPress.com. Everyone is invited to submit a flash fiction story written in her honor. To find out more, click HERE.




56 thoughts on “FFfAW-Special Challenge for Barbara Beacham

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to Barbara. I still have trouble believing that she is gone. But she is in a better place. God Bless…:)

  2. I can imagine the picture you’ve painted. Such beautiful farewell. Someday, we will join her and continue our Monday’s Finish the Story. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I hadn’t been checking other people’s blogs much due to being busy, so reading this came as a shock to me. I’m sorry to hear about Barbara and I’ll really miss her great challenges. This is a very touching tribute.

    • Thank you J.A. It has been a shock to many of us. I had been emailing her for several months. We started emailing right before she found out she had a tumor in her lung. Once they discovered the tumor, she lived about 2 more months. But, I understand she had another illness that complicated things. I don’t know what that other illness was. Her husband said she succumbed to her “illnesses.” I will miss her and her Monday challenge.

  4. OMG, PJ, I knew Barbara was battling cancer, but i did not know she passed. I am soooo sad right now. I considered her a neighbor as she lived about 30 miles from me up in Placerville. Her wonderful photos showed places I had been to and knew they were not far from me. I knew I hadn’t seen posts from her in a while. This is such a beautiful tribute for her and I pray for her friends and family. I will truly miss her!

    • That is very sweet of you Terri. I’m sure she would be happy to hear this. She found out she had a tumor in her lung and started radiation and chemo immediately but within a couple of months, it took her life. She had told me she was ill prior to finding out she had cancer but didn’t tell me what the illness was. Her husband said that she succumbed to her “illnesses.” One of those illness was the cancer, but the other, I don’t know what it was. She did tell me it was something she would never be healed from. She had told me she was getting “treatments” for that illness, but again, she didn’t say what it was. That is amazing that she lived so close to you.

      • She had messaged me back in the spring to suggest we go for lunch and walk around Old Sacramento and take photos. It never happened…by the time I could arrange something, she had started chemo. I would have loved to meet her in person. Your tribute was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

        • That would have been really nice to have had lunch with her and walk around old Sacramento. I didn’t get to know her very well because about the same time we started emailing, she found out she had cancer and had to start treatments. Thank you for the kind comment about my story for her.

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