Conquering the Mountain

“That mountain is in my sights, I am going to climb it,” I told my wife. She just smiled at me.

I exercised rigorously to get in shape, watching what I ate so I wasn't carrying any extra weight. My wife kept encouraging me and I knew I could do it. I would do it! I obtained the gear I would need to climb.

To begin with, I started climbing the small hills around my home. At first it was hard, but they started getting easier. I was finally ready!

I, with my two metal prothesis legs, began the climb.


Thank you to Al Forbes for providing our photo prompt, along with approximately 100-200 words for our stories, and for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction. It is a fun flash fiction story challenge and everyone is invited to participate, just bring your imagination and creativity. For more information, check out Al's post.

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51 thoughts on “Conquering the Mountain

    • Scott, I can read your story but I can’t link it to inlinkz for you because it isn’t my challenge – it is “Sunday Photo Fiction.” I am only allowed to link participants up to my challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

  1. It’s very inspiring that someone who has prosthetics can walk, climb, and hike again just as if he had his own legs back. Your story is great and I feel very thankful that we live in an age where this technology is possible.

  2. Wow! What an inspiring story. I’ve read about guys who’ve actually done this. It’s amazing when someone has such an indomitable spirit. Loved the story! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Eric! I too am amazed at these guys that come back home with life altering disabilities and are able to get these high tech prosthetics that enables them to do just about anything, and they do! To me, they are just amazing! Thank you again!

    • Thank you Susan! I was inspired by all the young men and women that came home from war with their leg/legs blown off that are making the most of their lives with prosthetics. It’s amazing what they can do with them.

  3. Good for him! He refused to give up and worked hard at achieving his goal. That is such an inspiration to others. I’m sure his wife was very proud of him. Wonderful story, Joy!

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