SPF-The Green Planet

Discovery of a new “life-sustaining” planet in a universe close to our own, put us all “over the moon.” The planet is “green,” and in order to be green it had to have water. And water meant, “life.”

Twelve days after discovering this life sustaining planet we made our first journey to meet our new neighbors. Three months after departing, we arrived at the green planet. We hoped they would make immediate contact but after waiting several days, no contact was made. No one came to greet us.

We decided to depart our ship and explore our surroundings. We wanted to know more about our discovery. What we found was creepy. The only life we found was green fungi. It was growing everywhere! We didn’t find any oceans, rivers, lakes, or other forms of water. Everything was covered in this creepy green fungi. Then the damn stuff started growing on us!

We boarded our ship and departed immediately. But, this green fungi continues to grow on us. It will take three months to return to earth. What will we look like we finally return home? More important, what in the hell are we bringing with us? God help us.


Thank you to Alistair Forbes for providing our photo prompt and hosting Sunday Photo Fiction. He provides us with the prompt photo to stir our creative juices and approximately 100-200 words with which we write our stories. This is my 200 word story for this prompt.

Everyone is invited to participate in his challenge. If you would like to know more, click here.

To read all the wonderful stories submitted for this challenge, click here.


54 thoughts on “SPF-The Green Planet

  1. Well, it WAS a green world, they got that part right. What a creepy (in a good way) sci-fi premise, that they’re coming home with this algae on them, wondering what will happen when they arrive. Great sense of creeping doom. Disaster looms!

  2. Unfortunately for the travellers, they had been dressed in blue space suits. Every kid knows that blue and green should never be seen. What a shame the earthbound space suit makers had either forgotten or never knew.

    When the ship eventually returned to terra firm, there was not a trace of the occupants.

    Now you know why.

  3. Algae requires too much water. Go with fungi, it’s much harder to kill once the ‘infection’ has begun.

    I, for one, welcome our new green slime overlords.

  4. Straight from the depths of The Twilight Zone!
    I once had a fungus growing on me from sitting out in the sun too long with some brand of tanning oil.

    Thanks for stopping by my post that included Al’s prompt. Sometimes the long ones work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Great story. The Algae covering them as they return home reminds me of a science fiction novel by Michael Crichton – The Andromeda Strain or the show with Halley Barrie in it call Extent. Both are things brought back from space or other planets that aren’t good. Very creative use for the picture, I found it hard to use directly.

  6. Excellent, Joy! Too bad there was no life there, and I can only imagine what everyone will look like by the time they get back to earth! Maybe everyone will turn into Jolly Green Giants! ” HO, HO, HO, Green Giant!”

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