FFfAW-When it Rains

Sometimes I cannot see because of the rain placing a veil of drops in my vision's path and all I see are tears and sorrow. No matter how hard I try to see past the rain, the salty tears flow harder and blind my sight. All I can do is wait.. wait for the sun to shine again and for the rain to go away taking the tears and sadness with it. When the sun comes, my life is bright once again and my vision is clear. Then my despairing soul is wonderfully refreshed and love grows all around me.


This is my 100 word submission for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge, week of 09-08-2015. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 100-175 words with which we build our stories with. Everyone is invited to participate in this challenge. For more information click here.

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78 thoughts on “FFfAW-When it Rains

  1. When you live in a sunburnt country with drought always around the corner, rains are always welcome and a time to rejoice, not to be sad or downhearted. I wouldn’t view life any other way.

    • I actually love the rain. If I lived in Scotland I think I would be sad too if it rained all the time. The only thing I dislike about the rain is that it scares Bria so much (rain, thunder and lightening).

          • Every time we would hear thunder or a firework, I cheered and clapped and played with his squeaky toy. He soon learned to associate the banging with fun and now I don’t even need to cheer or play, he just accepts the noise. Two things that do freak him out are a car horn and that’s because I lost it with someone one day outside my home peeping the flippin horn constantly, so Jack associates it with something negative. The other thing is wind, it spooks him πŸ™‚

          • Wow, Cat that is very smart! I would never have thought of that. Poor Jack about car horns because if you live in a city then there are probably plenty of them! I may try seeing if I can get Bria to think of thunder and rain as happy but her being 13 years old, I’m not sure it will work.

          • It would take a few times, but she can start to associate it with something better even a favourite yummy treat would do the trick. I did the same with my cats when they were kittens. In London, there used to be loads of fireworks and they were like bombs going off, but the government banned them and you can only buy them under strict control, so it helps. Good luck, Joy, it’s not fun for animals and it must sound deafening to their hearing

          • Probably, it doesn’t happen often enough for me to bother and it’s not too freaky, horns are worse but it’s taking a long time to desensitise him for that. That’s a tricky one coz horns annoy the life out me, so he probably senses that

          • You are probably right about that – he picks up your annoyance. Fortunately there aren’t many car horns where I live but I do live close to a fire station so I hear the fire engines when they leave their garages. Happily, those don’t bother Bria other than sometimes she will howl when she hears them. LOL!

  2. Priceless, this felt good, knowing the rain and tears would stop. Sometimes we just need to not fight them because we know they need shed, and then the sun will be there again. This was one of my favorites.

  3. Joy, you expressed the feelings very well! Sometimes you can not rid yourself of the tears and sorrow, but just let go and eventually you will release the sadness and start to see the sunshine of life. And, there is no time span on this..everyone has their own experiences and they are not always measured with a certain time. Wonderful story! πŸ™‚

  4. Not a piece of fiction at all but I like it. After the rain comes the sun. After the tears come the smiles. We always need the negative to better appreciate the positive.

  5. “Just as light has no reference without darkness as its contrast, so too joy cannot shine without sorrow.” Good to know you see the positives / benefits of rain as you do with the sun breaking through the overcast

  6. Loved your post. Rain can mean sadness to lots of people. For me, I actually like the rain, lightning and thunder. When I was younger (fool that I was) I used to go out into the storm and just stand in it. Now, I’m more cautious and watch from inside or the porch at least. Your story was poignant. πŸ™‚

  7. Some storms are longer than others – and nights. I like rain, too. However, I don’t like stormy emotional periods in my life. I’m quite tired of those.

    This seems a different writing style for you, PJ. I enjoyed it.


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