Lady Bethany’s Dream

Lady Bethany watched her maid, Maggie smooth the silky dress. “You are wearing your favorite gown today m’lady.”

“Maggie, I do not want to meet nor marry Duke Hammond. I am in love with Sir William.”

“Why, m’ lady,” Maggie retorted, “He is the Queen’s assistant and would never leave that position to marry.”

“I can only dream, yes,” teary eyed, Bethany responded, “but that is my wish.”

“Wear one of my paltry dresses m’lady.”


The Duke called off the wedding.


Lady Bethany dreamed of Sir William.

They fell in love, married and lived happily

ever after.






only in her dreams.



Thank you to Sonya O., with Only 100 Words, for providing our photo prompt this week.


This is my 107 word submission for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. We are give a photo prompt and approximately 100-150 words with which we use to write our stories. Everyone is invited to participate in this challenge. If you are interested, you can find more information here.

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60 thoughts on “Lady Bethany’s Dream

    • Thank you so much Scott! I went over 100 words. Couldn’t seem to cut it anymore. I’ve decided to try and write my stories in 120 words or less. (Closer to 100 as possible). To me it makes it more fun.

  1. For a minute there, I thought there would be a happy ending but that’s when reality hit, it’s only a dream. I feel sad for Lady Bethany now. Great story, though. 🙂

      • I enjoyed your piece so much, it inspired me to do one too. Thank you for hosting such a lovely challenge! They say I’m addicted to flash fiction, I just hope there’s no recovery. I enjoy it so much – a flash fiction retreat, now that would be fun! 🙂

          • You write beautifully! But thank you, I appreciate your kind words. I’ve been writing forever, at least it feels that way, but I love it, and with each piece, I learn something new. You should see the first draft of my first book. Oh my gosh, it’s very humbling, and reminds me of the long but worthwhile journey. Thanks again for an opportunity to get out of myself – and into my creativity. The reason you started your blog, and your writing journey speaks to me, a kindred spirit!

          • That makes me happy to hear that. I’m glad my story has inspired someone. LOL. I am also glad you decided to participate in the challenge! I had to run an errand but now that I’m back I’m going to go read your story right now.

  2. make me feel sad. but i love it great writing why don’t you make it into a book so we can know what will happen next. I’m still a firm believer in happy ending. so maybe our lady will have one.

    • Thank you so much for reading and for your comment. I love happy endings too. Maybe one day I will expand on this short story. It seems it has caused some ruffled feelings which certainly was never my intention.

  3. Great story, Joy! That’s just it….it is a story (fiction) and life can run on the same order of this type of story. Life is not always “fair” and we don’t always get the kind of life we really want, but I think most of us do learn to deal with it and try to …as the old saying goes….”make lemonade out of lemons” …life becomes sweeter that way! 🙂

  4. Ahhh PJ, oh you got me this time, (yet again) :D. I was gearing up to write another “yay to happy ever after comment” and then I saw the “but”. Hahaha, but that twist is what makes a great flash fiction.

  5. Wow, an interesting take on the prompt, and I almost agree with everyone else when they say “Poor Lady Bethany.” It is only sad because she didn’t ever marry Sir William. But, she was happier for not marrying the Duke. So, perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all.

    • I understand the rationalization you and the others have. It is sad that she wants to spend her life dreaming, but maybe someday Sir William won’t be the queen’s assistant anymore and can marry her. I think it would be awfully hard to marry someone you haven’t even met yet.

  6. Oh the sorrows of unrequited love! I do feel sorry for Lady Bethany, condemned forevever to find happiness only in her dreams. On the other hand…there are always plenty more fish in the sea. lol. Well written story, PJ 🙂

  7. Your story was great. You had me going there for a little bit but I see in the end the significance of the title. Good take on the prompt. 🙂

  8. Such a sad story but it has a charm …. A dream yet a a dream that would be alive for eternity…. I loved the maid’s character, how subtly it changes the story…. This one is a special story, I feel PJ 😀

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