SPF – The Pyramid

“Don’t touch that thing!” Mabel snapped at little Lia. “That’s not a toy.”

Addison spoke up, “I picked up that old thing at an antique shop while I was in New Orleans,” she said, “and I still don’t know what it is. I just thought it looked unique.”

“That old thing,” replied Mabel, “is a witch’s pyrimid,” She put her hand over her heart, “They are just evil. Plain ol’ evil and you shouldn’t have one in your house.”

“What do you mean they are evil?” Addison picked it up from the coffee table and turned it in her hands, “it’s just a plain ol’ nicknack.”

Suddenly, a dark mist filled the room,

“Oh my gawd, Addison, what did you just do?”

All the lights in the room went out. Addison gasped.

Mabel picked up Lia and was about to run out of the room when the pyramid began to glow. A strange light was streaming out from the moon and stars.

“What is your wish?” said a gruff voice coming from the pyramid.

Addison grabbed the pyramid and threw it outside. “That’s my wish.”

Surprised, Mabel looked at her friend and grinned, “Mine too.”

Instantly, the pyramid vanished.


Thank you to Alistair Forbes for our photo prompt this week.

This is my 200 word submission for the challenge, Sunday Photo Fiction, hosted by Alistair Forbes. Alistair gives us a photo prompt and approximately 200 words with which we use to build our stories. If you would like instructions on how to participate in the challenge, click here.

To read the other participant’s wonderful stories, click here.


39 thoughts on “SPF – The Pyramid

  1. Entertaining story…I probably would have done the same thing for fear of my wish not being quite up to par! (On old joke…someone is granted a wish and wishes for a million bucks…..the wish came true! …..only it was not $1,000,000.00….it was a million BUCKS walking around in their yard!) 😁

  2. What no ‘Poof?” (yep I visited conduit-to-the-muse). I guess I went in a different direction πŸ˜‰

    A fun read though. Cheers and thanks for stopping by my post on the prompt.

    • LOL! It reminds me of an email I have been getting. They are telling me that someone I don’t know won the Power Ball lottery and they want to give me some money. All I have to do is click on this link.. LOL! I didn’t click on the link, I deleted it – all 5 times it came to me. If she wants to give me some money she can come to my house and give it to me. hahaha

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