FFfAW: Alli’s Gravesite

She picked up the two dozen roses and began to walk slowly and precisely to her grave. Her gravestone stood gleaming bright, recently cleaned by the loving hands of her mother. Shari placed the roses lovingly across the grave, yellow roses, Alli’s favorite. She adjusted their placement making sure the yellow rose blanket spread perfectly across the grave.

A tear escaped her eyes as she patted the grave and gingerly cleaned a spot on the stone.

“Oh, Alli, I miss you so much my darling. I wish.. oh how I wish I could have been there to stop you.” Her heart filled with memories of her beautiful daughter but it quickly became heavy from the pain of her daughter’s early demise.

“I love and miss you Alli.” She weeped, feeling overwhelmed by her grief. She tried to not think about that decision her daughter had made several years earlier; a decision that she would not live to regret. (158)

Photo Credit: Sonya O. Thank you Sonya!


This is my second submission to the challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. This is a challenge where we are given a prompt photo and 75-175 words with which to craft our stories with. For more information on this challenge, click on this link FFfAW.

I want to give a little background about this particular story. Several years ago, my sweet niece took her own life. My sister visits her grave often. So basically, this story is about my niece and my sister. We all need to be vigilant and intercede anytime we are needed or called to, because many young people (and adults) take their own lives. Just maybe we can be the one to stop a tragic suicide.





24 thoughts on “FFfAW: Alli’s Gravesite

      • It would have been good if you could have helped your niece. Some people don’t telegraph their intentions. And, those left behind are often filled with guilt.

        • That’s so very true. My niece lived about 600 miles away from me and she and I had very little contact. I had no way of knowing the mental anguish she was in. However, her mother did but didn’t know she was suicidal. As you said, they don’t telegraph it. We just need to know the signs. I’m going to google it and see what I can find out.

    • It brought memories that made me sad but it also made me want to share her story so others will think before making such a harsh decision. We all need to be vigilant towards others that show signs that may cause them to end their lives. It really is a serious problem, at least it is in the US.

  1. I’m so sorry, Joy! It really is tragic and very troublesome. There are a lot of people hurting and so much of the time others do not realize just how severe that hurt is. I do hope and pray that your sister can work through this horrible heartache.

  2. that is so sad that your neice felt she had to do it. What a tragedy for those left behind. Even before reading your backstory, I could feel the emotion runnning thru the story. Now she will always be remembered 🙂

    • Thank you Samantha. Yes, it is sad that she felt that was her only option. Sadly, she was in a place she couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it was there.

  3. Such a sad and tragic story. Suicide is truly a permanent solution:) to a temporary problem. I like how you told the story with compassion.

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