A Plug for Flash Fiction

Some of you probably already know that I am the host for a flash fiction challenge, called, “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.”

I started this blog for those who are “or” are not “professional” writers and loves to write stories.

The challenge is fun, addictive, and challenging.

If you are interested in writing flash fiction (stories between 75-175 words)check out this site: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. This blog only publishes one post per week, which is the weekly challenge post.

Therefore, if you follow this blog you will not be inundated with a lot of posts.

Interested? Check it out!

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


7 thoughts on “A Plug for Flash Fiction

  1. I love the challenge and although it does have word restriction..that can be helpful in one sense..you find yourself getting the same story told (basically) but with fewer words and you create a quick read.ūüėä My thanks to Joy, who hosts it. I highly recommend that you take the challenge.

  2. School is finally out and I will have a little more time. I hope to participate in your new endevour soon. I am trying to catch up on some other blog followings in which I am behind, but one day…

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