Zeus’ Wrath

Zeus was not having a good day and he made sure everyone knew it.

“I’ll not have it! I’ll not have it! Do you hear me?!” Zeus yelled loudly at the poor messenger from the tiny planet of Earth.

“Sir, yes Sir. I will go back and tell them, I’m sorry Sir.” Yinganglu spoke softly but loud enough for Zeus to hear him.

Yinganglu knew the message he now had to deliver to the beings living on earth. They must constantly know the wrath of Zeus for not living according to his directions. And, for that he will make his wrath loud and clear, and often.

(92 words)

Photo credit: Barbara Beacham

This is my submission for the challenge hosted by lovely Barbara Beacham, “Monday’s Finish the Story.”

She gives us a photo prompt, the first sentence to the story and approximately 150 words with which we are to write our stories.

The challenge is fun, challenging, and addicting. If you would like to participate, please click on this link for more information: MFtS

You can also click on the above link to access the blue froggy button to read all the other participants’ wonderful stories.



54 thoughts on “Zeus’ Wrath

  1. Well done again Joy! The poor messenger…I hope the people do not take it out on him! Thanks again for writing for the MFtS challenge. Be well… ^..^

  2. Hope they don’t repeat the same thing otherwise the earthlings will come later poor Yinganglu will have to suffer first. What a difficult job but a striking pay package. πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh dear, now that is one job I do not wish to ever have. Zeus sounds like a should sit on the naughty spot and calm down.
    Great take on the picture!

  4. I say bring on the thunder and lightning, as long as the rain comes with it. Maybe we humans should revolt a little more, especially the drought areas. LOL
    Just keep the tornadoes at bay!

    Good job, enjoyed reading your work.

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