FFfAW: The Gaggle


Jason poked Jebbie in the side, “Hurry up. We gotta hurry and get there.”

The other boys pushed and shoved each other while Mr. Harland yelled, “Stop acting like toddlers! You’re in the eighth grade not the first grade!”

Mika started laughing, “Some of these guys should be in the first grade.”

Mason yelped, “Ouch! Thomas pinched me!”

Mr. Harland whipped around and yelled, “Thomas come to the front this minute!”

Thomas whined, “I didn’t pinch him Mr. Harland, it was Wesley!”

“Wesley, come to the front!”

“I didn’t do anything Mr. Harland, they’re just blaming me for it.”

Mr. Harland took a deep breath, “You boys are going to be the death of me.” He shook out his wings and flew away.

“Ouch, Wesley pinched me!”

Jason and Jebbie shook their wings, took flight and followed after Mr. Harland.

The remaining gaggle giggled and flew off with the flock.

(150 words)

Our prompt photo for this week is supplied by Ellespeth’s friend. Thank you!

This is my submission for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The challenge is hosted by me, Priceless Joy. We are given a photo prompt and approximately 100-150 words give or take 25, with which to write our stories. The challenge is fun and addicting and everyone is welcome to participate. If you would like more information about this challenge, please click on this link: FFfAW

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100 thoughts on “FFfAW: The Gaggle

  1. Didn’t see the end coming! 🙂 Loved the dialog too. Btw, the photo seems to be be of Indian school kids though I could be wrong!

  2. A gaggle of giggles over your story. By the way, I called them a gangle (thinking gangly) even before I read your cross-species story. 🙂

  3. Nope, I wasn’t expecting them to take flight. This piece held a great balance of fun, innocence, and irritation between the characters. Lol. Neverending. Thanks for the entertaining read

  4. I like the flow in a story. The dialogues are witty and the way Mr.Harland took a deep breath and flew away bring smile on my face 🙂

    I also like to mention that the background colour of your blog and the header are looking nice to eyes!
    It’s refreshing 🙂

  5. Really cute story. I’m sure groups of the young have a lot in common…even though they communicate in a different way….there is teasing, distraction, breaking rules, etc. Animals or humans!

  6. Ha ha, I enjoyed this so much! Just like kids at that age and then the twist – all flying away! Love it

  7. Gaggle of geese, gaggle of children, both can be unruly so I think the teacher needs to watch out.
    Very funny story with a witty dialogue.

    • Okay, I understand now. 🙂 After I read your story I thought maybe it was a reference to your story. It’s early here and I’m still half asleep. I’ll blame my ignorance on that. 😀

  8. Here I was, thinking this group of lads was just like the groups of bickering kids I remember so well, when out come those wings! I loved it! The dialogue was already really funny before then, so the ending makes the story terrific. Great imagination, PJ. 😀

  9. Oh this was a gaggle of laughs, PJ 😛 Great story. We had geese flying over our place this morning. I love their squawking noise. Thanks to your story, now I know what they’re saying up there!

    • LOL! Now you know what type of conversations they are having up there. Haha! Thank you Ellespeth for reading and the wonderful comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my story.

  10. Hahhaha, and you had you sweep up with a twist again :D. The picture also reminded me of the days of school excursion, it was nice to see you imbibe that in the story.

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