Sunday Photo Fiction – Rainbow’s End

I knew something was different when I woke up this morning but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I felt better than I have felt in 30 years! My 68 year ol.d body felt like it was 35 years old again and my rattling bones were strong and healthy. I expected to use my cane to walk into the kitchen for my morning coffee but this morning, I didn’t need it at all!

With great excitement, I quickly drank my coffee and ate my morning cereal and went to change my clothes. Although I didn’t want to push my luck, I knew I had to find out just how much better my body was.

I began my five mile run. As I was headed back home, I saw the beautiful double rainbow. Yes! That was it! The always elusive end of the rainbow was pointing right on my home.

150 words

Thank you Alistair Forbes for our prompt photo this week.

This is my 150 word submission for Sunday Photo Fiction this week. Alistair Forbes is our kind host who provides us with a prompt photo and gives us 150-200 words to write a story. It is fun and addicting. If you would like to participate, click on the photo for more information.



56 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Rainbow’s End

  1. Nice story Joy…and I like how you used the rainbow as a symbol of returning home …(the rainbow is actually a full circle but we can not see all of it because of the horizon. If we could see it from above, we could see the whole circle.)

  2. I wish I could have a rainbow pointing at my home.;) “My rattling bones…” did make me laugh. Good for her she got younger instead of a pot of gold now the process will be repeated for another 30yrs until the rattling starts again. πŸ™‚ Nice story Joy.

  3. “I knew I had to find out just how much better my body was.” “Fortunately, at just that moment, a buxom blonde jogged past, and the game was afoot…”

    (Hmm. “He’s a man” may be presumptive, based entirely on the cane, I suppose. But I know what I’d want to test out, given an injection of 30-years-younger-juice!)

  4. That’s a great experience finding yourself without any pain and running that far! Wish it worked like that!

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