A Lesson on Buffaloes

“They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods,” Mr. Logan started to tell his students, “but first, the buffalo had been hunted to death, nearly to the point of extinction,” he said, “and they are now being raised on private ranches to bring back their numbers.”

Michael raised his hand, “Do they know what the numbers are now?”

Mr. Logan, clearing his throat, answered, “Not exactly but it is in the lower thousands and they continue to be hunted illegally.”

“If they are on private land, how are they being hunted illegally?”

“About ten years ago there were large herds on a private ranches in Wyoming.” Mr. Logan told his students. “When the ranchers noticed their numbers were dropping they set up an ambush in the woods.” He paused, then continued, “Sure enough, the poachers followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods, and right into the arms of the sheriff.”

150 words

photo credit: Barbara Beacham


Follow the trail to Barbara Beacham’s weekly challenge, Monday’s Finish the Story. She gives us a photo prompt and 100-150 words and challenges us to write a story. People from all over the world gather here to share stories…

Trail’s End



55 thoughts on “A Lesson on Buffaloes

  1. Oops. I read it wrong! Lol! I’d like to blame it on the iPhone and my reading glasses but I goofed 😱. When I read “into the arms of the sheriff” I misinterpreted. Bad Jodi reader!! 😩

  2. I enjoyed reading your buffalo story. Your stories are always good…I can’t picture you writing and rewriting, they always sound like it just comes natural to you. I ponder over over mine and sometimes have to force myself to push that Publish button. I would like to take the 101 course but do not have a schedule that allows me to write every day. I am trying to keep up with the Wednesdays Fiction Day though.

    • You don’t have to write every day. You can pick and choose which days you want to write. Lot of people are catching up with weekly assignments this weekend because they work. Thank you for the sweet comment. But, I am like you, I have to hold my breath and hit the publish button. LOL! I wish great writing just flowed out of me, but it doesn’t. I have to do a lot of editing and rearranging, ect.

  3. Glad they try to stop the poaching. Hope they can make good progress. Nice story, good of the teacher to show the students the real buffaloes

  4. Another species almost extinct at the hands of humans.
    Great story with an equally great message behind it.

  5. Good story, Joy. I learned something. I was also reading that a lot of the buffaloes that exist today are not pure bloods,, but are mixed with cattle. There ae some pure blooded ones though.Well done. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

  6. Loved your story and how you told it. Your story sounds so natural. Hard to believe you edit it that much. I find writing for these challenges helps me to appreciate my word choice and leave out the extraneous stuff. I’m taking a course on beginning Haiku on All Poetry because I love that poetry but don’t know a lot about it. It is fun taking free courses that are offered.

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