Sunday Photo Fiction: Censored!

This is getting ridiculous. Three times the government have come into my computer and censored some photographs that I took of Area 5410. I thought they only censored photographs of child pornography.

Area 5410 lies in upstate New York and most people don’t know anything about it. It houses some of the government manufacturers of the new missiles and bombs that will be used if there is ever war on our soil. My reason for watching this area is because I heard they are also making germ warfare bombs and chemical bombs. I want this type of bomb making to stop and if I can get enough proof then we can boycott this operation and shut it down. Actually, I would like all the bomb making to stop dead in its tracks.

How am I going to prove all of this if they get into my computer and censor my photographs. They are all I have as proof.

Personally, I think our country is going up a creek without a paddle and my hands are tied.

(176 words)

Unfortunately there is no photo prompt as the government has censored and it is being allowed to be saved into my files.

This is my submission for Sunday Photo Fiction for April 12, 2015. Today I am not adding a link to the “Non-Photo Prompt.”


39 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Censored!

    • Thank you Lrod! Barbara Beacham is who thought of this. We were all waiting for Joe to get on the blog and see that the link to the photo didn’t work. Finally Barb came up with using it as a “censored photo.” So I had a little fun with mine. However, it did sound a little too real. I should probably go back and censor it. LOL!!

  1. This is great! Gave me a laugh to start my Monday morning!! I was wondering where the photo was when I was looking for it yesterday. Very creative! GL in staying one step ahead of the goverment πŸ™‚

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