Monday’s Finish the Story 4-6-2015

Princess Quindalyn

Once upon a time in a land far far away was a young and beautiful princess whose parents were King and Queen Glockamore.

King and Queen Glockamore really loved their daughter, Princess Quindalyn, and were very concerned there were no young men of Royal blood for her to marry.

The King and Queen were getting up in years and worried about what would happen to their daughter. They put out a notice inviting all young men to woo Quindalyn, but first they had to cross the blood red and boiling water that filled the moat around the castle.

Although many tried, only one young man, Master Bartford, crossed the moat. Princess Quindalyn fell madly in love with Bartford and the King and Queen were very pleased.

However, they all wondered how it was that Bartford could cross this moat when no other young man could.

He wasn’t about to tell them that he could walk on water.


(150 words)

Photo Credit: Barbara Beachem

Every Monday, our wonderful host, Barbara Beacham, gives us 100-150 words, plus the first sentence to the story, a photo prompt and challenges us to write a story based on this photo.

Everyone is invited to participate. If you are interested, click on this LINK.



56 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish the Story 4-6-2015

  1. Such a lovely fairytale Joy! Loved the last line! Thank you for choosing a topic for this week’s MFtS challenge and for you continuing participation! Hugs to you and be well… ^..^

  2. Nothing wrong with leaving a little mystery to the wonderful man. As long as the mystery is nothing harmful. And since it’s fiction and up to the reader, I choose to believe it’s all good! πŸ™‚

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