Sunday Photo Fiction 2 4-05-2015

I wasn’t happy with my submission for Sunday Photo Fiction and rewrote it.

Photo Credit: © Joe Owens

Quick Trip to the Store

All it was suppose to be was a quick run to the grocery story to pick up a few items for my mother. I was a newly licensed driver and excited to get the chance to drive unsupervised.

“Maddie, go right to the store and not anywhere else,” my mother yelled from the kitchen, “And write down what I need so you don’t forget.”

“I got it Mom, don’t worry!.”

“And Maddie, remember not to use your phone while you are driving,” she added further.

“Stop worrying mom, I won’t!.” I couldn’t believe how much she was drilling that in. Will that lecture ever stop!?”

Within the next ten minutes I was driving on Parkway Lane and the light turned green. I proceeded to go through the intersection. A car came full-force crashing through my door.

I didn’t see that the red car on my left hand side wasn’t stopping for the red light. Nor did I notice he was on his phone talking.

I remember hearing screeching tires, the metal being folded and crushed, the sound of sirens, and people screaming. The next thing I remember is a bright light beckoning me to follow, leaving my tangled body behind. Public Photos

When I saw this prompt the first thing I thought of is that it is a memorial to all those who have been killed by either drivers who had been drinking or those who text or talk on their phone while driving. After this thought, I couldn’t write about anything else.

This is my 200 word submission for Sunday Photo Fiction, hosted by Joe Owens. Thank you Joe for the photo prompt, as well.

We are given a prompt photo and 200 words to create a story. If you would like to join in the fun, click on this link:

Sunday Photo Fiction


8 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 2 4-05-2015

  1. Just as it is! Those phones, red lights and people not looking where they are going. You did a good job telling how it really goes! I hope people will remember that they are not alone on the roads.

  2. I so much hate when I see people talking over phone while driving here . There are no strict laws so and if anyone tries to speak, the rider/driver behave very rudely and even threaten !

    Nice story PJ ,very compelling 🙂

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