Celebration: Sunday Photo Fiction 3-22-2015

That was quite a party! Mr. and Mrs. Ballister were there in fine form. After all, it was their party and it “was” a milestone year for the celebration of the anniversary of their incredible marriage.

There was live music, alcohol, hor’sderves, and a huge glorious cake. They all laughed when they saw the “couple” that was adorning the top of the cake. It was the skeletal remains of a married couple.

Everyone danced, laughed, drank, and shared snippets of their life stories. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their evening and claimed it to be the perfect party, once again.

When the clock struck the hour announcing the upcoming arrival of dawn, everyone ran out and disappeared in the few minutes remaining of darkness.

Next year will mark the 151st year of their marriage when they will all meet again.

(138 words)

Joe Owens is the kind host of Sunday Photo Fiction. He presents us with a photo of which to base our stories on and challenges us to write a story of 200 words or less. Today, mine was 138 words.

This is a fun flash fiction challenge and everyone is invited to participate. If you would like to join this fun group of storytellers, please click on the link below:

Photo Fiction



40 thoughts on “Celebration: Sunday Photo Fiction 3-22-2015

  1. Well, you really surprised me with this one. The ending just came out of the blue. Well done! You managed to make it sound like a great ‘ordinary’ party, too, which made the ending even more unexpected. πŸ™‚

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