Friday Fictioneer – Tea Party

Bunny Bear was sitting smugly at the table while Mrs. Butters quietly drank her tea. Mary Ella graciously poured more tea for Bunny Bear and Mrs. Butters, placing a tea cake on each of their plates.

“Momma said we can have our tea in my own kitchen.” Mary Ella said to the stuffed dolls. “But, she said we can’t go out into the forest.”

Bunny Bear coughed into her fist and Mrs. Butters shifted in her seat and asked for more tea.

“So, you both must stay here.”

They watched as she made her descent into the bowels of the forest.

(101 words)

Friday Fictioneer is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff Fields, blog master of “Rochelle Wisoff Fields – Addicted to Purple.”

She presents us with a photo for the base of our story and challenges us to write a story with a beginning, middle, and an end in less than 100 words.

It’s fun and challenging and you are welcome to participate. If you would like to join the group, please click HERE for more information.



85 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneer – Tea Party

    • Yes she certainly is! Yes, everyone is saying it is creepy. I’m not sure if that is what I was going for. I wanted to make it like the narrator was echoing the child’s imagination.

  1. Dear Joy,

    Too bad Bunny Bear and Mrs. Butters are but stuffed dolls. Someone should stop Mary Ella from going too deep. Or perhaps it’s an imaginary forest. I can but hope.



  2. I’m feeling rather worried about Mary Ella out in the forest alone! Interesting scene with some rather creepy figures. I thought at first that Mrs Butters and Bunny Bear were just toys but after ‘Bunny Bear coughed into her fist’ I’m not so sure – I can’t see a child imagining an action like that! πŸ™‚ Good story.

  3. Aww poor Bunny bear, I feel his disappointment at not being able to follow the child. And I fear for the child, I think she should have taken Bunny Bear along to protect her. Maybe he could have turned into a real bear and scare off anything from harming her!

    • LOL! I think I should have chosen a more “appropriate” word except that I wanted to show that the forest might be a bit shi%ty. Haha! (Not a good place to be). Thank you for reading and commenting.

  4. I want to know what is going on down in the forest and why did the bunny cough… is it real? Maybe Mrs Butters eats children in the forest or she’s got an S&M bondage thing going on down there!!!

  5. Bowels of the forest made the forest seem like an evil place to be visiting and Momma was probably right to forbid entry. I fear for Mary Ella but Bunny Bear and Mrs Butters may be able to weave some magic to safeguard her. After all they are stuffed toys that can cough and drink tea.

  6. I guess that the “bowels” of a forest are best avoided. It’s a word that conjures up much!
    Well written.
    PS It’s amazing the things that my granddaughter’s Barbie dolls used to get up to. Knowing her, if she was told not to go to the forest, she’d be off there immediately.

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