The Recluse – Sunday Photo Fiction 03-08-2015

Ariana is a recluse. She is also a very wealthy recluse. The story is that she was in love and engaged to be married to a man and he was killed in the war. But the rumor is that he was never killed in the war, instead, he ran off with another woman and they moved far away.

When Ariana’s parents died she was the only living heir and inherited a great deal of money. No one knows just how much. I sure would like to know how much.

Arianna had a house built. It was no ordinary house. It was a house on top of her parent’s house. Someone told my sister that she just wanted something different than everyone else. But the rumor is she wants to see far far away and watch for her lover coming back to get her. She still believes he will come back to get her and she wants to make sure he will be able to find her.

Ariana is a recluse. She has no friends. Everyone is afraid to be friends with her. They all say she’s flat-out crazy. That’s what I hear anyway. But then, you know how people talk.

(200 words)

Our leader, Joe Owens, hosts the weekly Sunday Photo Fiction. He give us a photo prompt and asks us to write a story using this prompt with only 200 words or less.

If you would like to join this flash fiction challenge, please click on this link:

Sunday Photo Fiction

Warning! Be advised that it is fun, challenging, and addicting.



37 thoughts on “The Recluse – Sunday Photo Fiction 03-08-2015

    • That’s so true. The grapevine… lol!! Before I retired, the company I worked for would often tell someone they knew was a “talker” about something they wanted to make known and sure enough, the “grapevine” worked it’s magic for them! haha

      • Lovely take on that prompt, Joy. Yes, it’s lovely here too, the sun is warming up, but can’t hold our breath because the last two years we had bad snow and ice in March. Do your clocks change tonight?

        • Our clocks changed last night (this morning 2:00 am). We are on Daylight Savings Time now. It is beautiful here too. I know what you mean about March. Sometimes it comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion. LOL! I’m hoping spring is here to stay but I won’t hold my breath.

          • I get so confused ๐Ÿ˜–
            Are you 7hrs behind or 7 in front of the UK. You must be ahead because it is only 10pm Sunday night ๐ŸŒƒ so you are either 5am Monday morning or 3pm sun afternoon ๐Ÿ™‹โ›”

  1. So sad. Poor Ariana, she needs a friend and just one true friend would do wonders for her. People can be very judgemental without cause. They often judge you and cast you aside immediately. Just because someone acts strange or really does something weird, does not mean they are dangerous. The double house idea is very unique. Great story.

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