In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”

In order for me to get this picture I had to be very patient.  For one or two days I would stand by my hummingbird feeders, being very still.  The hummingbirds became use to me and would start feeding even though I was standing close by.  The next day, I would stand by the feeders holding my camera up to me eye without taking a  photo.  Again, they became use to me being close with a funny looking thing stuck on my face.  On the third day, I snapped a picture and this was my reward.



74 thoughts on “Reward

    • They are a delight to work with like that. I love hummingbirds and was given the chance to save one. You may remember reading about that. Yes, this picture was a very nice reward. No photo editing was done to this photo.

  1. love this! this is a good lesson for me to learn. i can be VERY impatient when it comes to working for a great shot. wow your patience really paid off. great shot

  2. Ah! a Beautiful Anna! This last week they seem to have disappeared from my feeders, I was wondering maybe they go south for the ( early Spring we are having), I guess they all went to your house Joy! are you South from BC, Canada ??

    • I was wondering what species of hummingbird it was. I love watching the hummingbirds, they are so funny sometimes. I’m not sure where you live, but they won’t be back my way until about June (maybe May if it’s warm enough).

      • The red throated are Anna’s Hummingbirds, they have been here all winter (on Vancouver Island) it can get pretty cold here, -10c and snow but not this year. I get Rufous Hummingbirds here in the summer they are Rusty brown / black & white, take a look on my blog, I’ve got quite a few pictures of them. They are really territorial ! They zoom and zagg all over my front porch, it’s pretty neat! They just ignore the dog and me if we are on the porch!

        • The hummingbirds we get here aren’t ruby throated but we do get some hummingbirds that are orange and have metallic orange throats. They are very territorial and run the other birds away from the feeders. But the other species will run the orange birds ragged trying to feed. Finally they will all be at the feeders eating together. It is so funny.

    • Thank you Cat. More than likely you have seen it before because this isn’t the first time I have posted it. It just happened to fit perfectly for today’s prompt. I wanted to tell you that I deleted Facebook off of my iPad. I am about to run out of memory and I needed to free up as much as I could. I only have 1.3 GB left and once that is gone, I won’t be on the internet anymore (until I can afford a laptop).

      • I had seen it before, but didn’t realise it was one of your own wonderful creations! That’s a nightmare about the memory on your ipad. I don’t know anything about memory, but if you don’t save any more onto your ipad, would that maintain the memory at 1.3GB? How much memory does the new flash fiction blog use? Would it be possible to run this group from your own blog? Another idea would be to save things you want to keep onto a memory stick and then clear your ipad completely. When you get your laptop, you can load stuff from the memory stick back onto the laptop… just a couple of ideas that might be useless 😉

  3. I love your photo! In Virginia we have ruby throated hummingbirds but the females don’t have the red! The birds here fly south toward Mexico for the winter! I can’t wait for their return!

    • I have never seen the ruby throated hummingbirds here but we also get the Orange throated hummingbirds (and they are little stinkers. They run all the other birds away from the feeders). I’m looking forward to the hummingbirds’ return too! I love watching them.

  4. What a beautiful photo PJ! That is an awesome capture and you are so fortunate to be able to see hummingbirds in your area. We don’t have any here, at least I’ve never seen any. Love this photo!! 🙂

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