Monday’s Finish the Story 2-23-2015

The old typewriter had a mind of it’s own, that is, until I was assigned to the stinker in 6th period typing class.

Typing along with the music with perfect rhythm in clickety clack beat was easy. But when checking for mistakes all I saw was a lot of gobblety gook and not one sensible word.

At first I thought I was placing my fingers on the wrong keys, but after careful observation, I confirmed that wasn’t the case at all. It was the damn junkie typewriter. It was stubborn and had a mind of its own.

After several days of its disrespect, I couldn’t take the damn thing anymore and took my fist and smashed it down on top of the keys. The keys all balled up. I thought I might have heard a little, “Owie Ouch”.

“There! Take that you piece of junkie metal!”

No more problems. I just had to let it know who’s boss. (150 words).

Image Credit: Barbara Beecham

Barbara Beacham is the gracious host of the challenge, Monday’s Finish the Story. She provides us with a photo to use as our writing prompt along with the first sentence to be used in the story.

It’s fun and addictive and if you would like to participate, please check out her blog:

Monday’s Finish the Story



57 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish the Story 2-23-2015

    • Thank you Sonya. I had fun writing it. When I was in high school we had to learn typing on manual typewriters. The school couldn’t afford electric ones for the students. Writing this helped me to remember those high school days. Hahaha!

  1. I firmly believe in whacking a machine. I’ve fixed more things like that for sure, my kids think I’m magic. We had a really really big typewriter in the attic I would go sneak up and play with all the time when I was little but I learned to type on a computer. Now I’m slowly learning how to thumb type on my phone….

  2. HeeHee! This was great. You do such an amazing job with prompts and challenges, PJ! I don’t know how you do them all. I’m kind of in a slump when it comes to writing anything. I just having been feeling inspiration. I know it will come back, but its weird. Maybe I should just look at it this way, I’m in a photography zone right now πŸ™‚

  3. I strongly believe that hitting a machine does help…well…in my opinion it does!
    A lovely little story, and I like how it was resembling a power struggle. That reminds me of myself and computers! Sometimes it is like they are refusing to cooperate.

  4. I loved your take on this prompt this week Joy! Smashing the typewriter and hearing an “owie!” Love it! Thank you for participating again and I hope to see you next week! BTW – last name is Beacham. πŸ™‚ Be well, and thanks again for writing for this challenge! Be well…. ^..^

    • Oh, I see. Computers are particularly stubborn and may take 2 to 4 times to get them to listen. Be sure to tell it itis a lousy piece of junk. Hope that works. And I also hope you don’t have to buy a new computer after you do it. Hahaha

  5. That was an excellent story, PJ. It’s really funny and you bring out all that pent up anger at the disrespectful machine! Gobblety gook just won’t do! Great sound effects with the clickety clacks. πŸ™‚

  6. Lovely write Joy ~ Sometimes physical reinforcement is the only way forward ~ Discarding the old and installing the new ~ Perhaps there is a heaven for battered typewriters.

  7. I think that would be my response to willful behaviour. πŸ™‚ We had a snes game console that used to do it’s own thing all the time. A quick thump and it behaved itself.

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