Sunday Photo Fiction 2-22-2015

“Red clouds in the morning, sailor’s warning.”

His shift was finally over for the day. All he could think of was getting something to eat and going right to bed. As he drove up to his house it was 5:00 am. Everyone should be asleep, he thought. Oh boy, was he wrong.

The sounds and smells of bacon sizzling and eggs cooking made his stomach growl. Normally when he came home he would just throw together some toast, jam and peanut butter and let his wife sleep. Why was this morning so special?

He could hear the water running upstairs. Thinking it was one of the kids getting ready for school early he started setting plates on the table.

“Hon, I noticed a red sky this morning as I was coming home from work. Do you suppose there’s a storm coming?”

“A storm has already come.” she said as she was scooping the eggs into a plate.

He grabbed the milk from the refridgerator, “What do you mean a storm has already come?”

At that very moment his wife’s crazy mother was standing in the doorway.

“She’s talking about me. I left her daddy and I’m here to stay.” (200 words)

Image Credit: Joe Owens

Joe Owens has kindly taken over Sunday Photo Fiction, a challenge that provides a photo prompt and asks us to write a story of 200 words or less based on the prompt. If you would like to join Sunday Photo Fiction, click HERE for more information.




72 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 2-22-2015

  1. I had my MIL come and live with us twice…
    I know the feeling. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Usually I don’t count and my stories end up being longer…

    Cheers, Jules

    • JR, maybe Joe will get the InLinkz subscription for $10.99 so it will be easier for us to put our url’s in. I know it was very confusing for me too – especially because the instructions for the boxes were off making it confusing. I tried putting your url in but I had to use my email address because I didn’t know yours. It didn’t work for me either. (I got your url address off of your post so I know that was correct). I don’t know why unless it didn’t like my email address.

    • I just sent Joe a message and asked him to delete the links that are appearing there now – none of them are working. After they have been deleted, you can try it again. The very first box (even though it doesn’t say) is to put in your url (just as I gave it to you). The second box is for your name. The third box is for your email address. If it doesn’t work this time then I have no idea what is going on.

  2. Can you help me PJ? I have tried adding the link to the story I did 3x times and every time it isn’t successful, so I have 3 links up there now that won’t take you to my story. UGH! I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I was able to link it before when I participated in this. Thanks for your help!

      • OH PJ thanks so much for you trying and letting me know what my url is! NO I don’t think its your fault at all! I am SORRY, I wasn’t responding for I have been away all evening and I don’t do computer on my phone at all. I am old. LOL! I just use my phone for texting and calling πŸ™‚ I will go type my URL in and hope it works. Thanks again, sorry I wasn’t able to get right back to you.

        • I tried typing in your url but I had to use my email address because I didn’t know yours and it still didn’t work. I didn’t know if it was because of my email address. I emailed Joe and asked him to delete those bad links. Give him a chance to do that, then try it again. Remember (though it doesn’t look like it) your url goes into the first box, your name into the second box and your email address in the third box. Hope that works because if not I have no idea why. Just be sure you type in the url exactly as I gave it to you. I took it off your post so I know it is correct.

  3. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! The mother in law moving in? Anything but that! Thanks for supporting the Sunday Photo Fiction. We must continue to widen our audience and list of contributors. Any help is appreciated.

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