Five Photos – Five Stories – Day 3

Sputtering and spitting, the motor coughed one final time and came to a complete stop. Steamy water started spewing from the radiator. In the blackness of night, Lisa pushed the numbers to call her husband.

“Damn! No charge!”

She panics when she realizes she has no choice but to walk back to her friend’s house for help. The problem is, they just finished watching a horror flick on television and her nerves haven’t settled down yet.

After 30 minutes of trying to conger up the courage, Lisa faces the trepidation and starts the walk to her friend’s house. She tries to think of anything except that damn horror movie or wild animals in the woods. A wolf howls a long soulful sound in the distance. An owl hoots and crickets fill the silence with their noisey racket. She tries to find comfort in the sounds. They add to her foreboding. She watches with dismay as the shadows of the leaves flutter and dance across the asphalt causing her to wrap her arms around herself even tighter.

She feels a light breeze on her neck. Or was that someone’s breath? She jerks herself around but no one was there. She continues walking and hears a scream. She convinces herself it is a wild animal and not human. Her heart is pumping so fast she is afraid she might pass out. All of her senses are on high “terror” alert.

She hears a car coming and sees the lights but suddenly it is gone.

“That’s creepy! That car just disappeared into nowhere.” Panicing, she stops and looks around, nothing. No car. No lights. Just pitch black night. She continues to walk, but cautiously. She hears steps behind her. She’s sure of it. Just as she was beginning to run, something jerks her shoulder back and she turns around and screams,

“Oh my God, you scared me to death Richard!”

“Sorry honey, I waited for you to come home then called Susan. She said you left almost an hour ago and I was worried about you and saw your car parked on the side of the road.”

Relieved, she sank into her husband’s chest and cried.

I was kindly nominated to participate in the Five Days Challenge by snowsfissuresandfractures and was asked to post five photos, one per day for five days, and write five stories, one for each day.

Next, I am to select one person each day, to carry on this challenge.

Today, I would like to select Ruchi, author of the blog, Come Travel Along to participate in this challenge. Please post a photo for five days and write a story, within the remaining days of February. The story can be fiction or non-fiction and can be from a short paragraph to a page. You can write about the photo if you wish, or even embellish the story of the photo. The story is your call. This challenge is entirely elective and you may refuse, if you wish. But, I hope you won’t and will elect to join the fun.



33 thoughts on “Five Photos – Five Stories – Day 3

    • Her husband had seen her car and pulled over and shut his car offf. (That’s why she didn’t see the car lights anymore). It was too dark to see that it had pulled over near her car. Does that explain the mystery? 😀 I’m glad you took it all as scary and mysterious because that was the affect I wanted.

  1. Ha! I love the building tension and paranoia. Not only does her car and cell fail her, but it’s dark and she just watched a scary movie.

    She tries to give herself time to get it together and act mindfully, but time only makes her more anxious. She tries to NOT think about the possible horror awaiting her, but that only makes her think about it more. Even the leaves’ shadows have her jumping.

    Love it, love it. Like other viewers, my favorite lines are “She feels a light breeze on her neck. Or was that someone’s breath?”

  2. Hi PJ! Thank you for the nomination. Though I am not a good and creative writer like you I may have to keep it a small paragraph. Let us see what I can come upto 😛

  3. This made me jump and laugh! I hate when I watch a scary movie and then I leap at every sound and see evil lurking around every corner 🙂 You do a wonderful job with these PJ!

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