Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 02-18-2015

Tinker’s Dreams

The curtains flutter as the gentle breeze filters in. Tinker chirps happily in her cage as she watches all the bustling activity in the street below. I wonder, does she believe she is perched in a tree, free and happy? Does she fly in her dreams? Does she dream of love and bird companionship? What is the secret to her bird happiness? Certainly, I would not deny her of her fantasy as she has made the best of her circumstances. Still, I wonder about this sweet little bird.

Benny runs the Main Street Bookstore since his father, Ben, died and his mother, Martha, has taken to staying to herself. Her home is and has always been the floor above the store. Preferring the company of Tinker, she doesn’t get out much anymore.

Now, it’s just Martha, Tinker, and books. And, that’s just fine with Martha……and Tinker.

140 words (not including title)

This is in response to a challenge hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. If you would like to participate in this challenge or need more information, please click the following link:

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85 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 02-18-2015

  1. An effective opening sentence and a sweet image created of Tinker in her cage. It’s good to know that Martha is happy with her life above the bookstore. Books are amazing companions – and of course, she also has Tinker. πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed your short story. A lot can still come of it. I am still thinking about the photo and what to say. It is also difficult for me to express myself in English too!

  3. We have 4 free flying parakeets. They hang out in our living room all day and return to their cage to sleep at night. They make a cheerful chirpy choir on dreary days πŸ™‚ It’s good Martha and Tinker (love that name) have each other. Benny can take care of things until Martha wants to re-enter the world.

  4. I really enjoyed your short story. I read it twice…the first time I felt sad but then I thought, why sad? Tinker probably brings much joy to Martha and she has books galore to travel to so many lands.

  5. Although it is considered odd when some people prefer to stay indoors or if birds are kept in cages (which I personally think it is a bit cruel if it is not let out once in a while), if said person is content and happy, then that is great. For that is what really matters, and not to do what others expect!
    Of course though, that is only my opinion.
    Once again, a lovely little story, and thank you for creating the prompt!

    • Thank you so much! And, you’re welcome! Some people do only stay inside and I would get clastrophobic. I need sunshine to thrive. LOL! I agree, if that is what makes some people happy then I don’t begrudge them of that.

  6. I thought I had commented on your story, PJ. I’m sorry. You did a fantastic job with the prompt. I often wonder why birds in cages continue to sing. I’m glad they do because it reminds me that I can always have a song in my heart no matter my circumstances. I’m posting my flash fiction for the prompt tomorrow. Have you had a pretty good response? I will link mine up when it publishes.

        • John, that is sweet but I was only joking. I knew you weren’t telling me this at all. I was just making light of myself. Thank you for the compliment. My story was using the bird to explain Martha’s situation. I was trying to go with a different take to the photo. I really appreciate you reading and for your positive feedback.

  7. latter part of this tale moves nicely to prose poem ..some have a knack for flash fiction…i thinks it’s those who fear not the multiple definitions of the “genre”. think it a real genre?


  8. What I really love about this story is that it’s from the perspective of Tinker and what she sees. she’s like one of the family. The second part of the story where you introduce the other characters I almost wanted to see more of what Tinker thought of the situation like you did with the last line and I don’t think you need the parentheses, it’s almost more bold that way. Good job!

    Love you to take a peek at mine: πŸ™‚ https://romancedonewrite.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/flashfictionfriday-vol-1-the-book-tour/

  9. It is interesting how the way in which a character wonders about a third party can shed light on their situation. Martha has a strong voice in this piece. My one suggestion would by to place the section in which Martha is clearly wondering about Tinker in ‘ ‘ as without them the writing style seems to shift from second person to first person then back to second person in an abrupt fashion.

  10. Actually I felt that sentence fitted in the way in which you originally had it. I was referring to this section: ‘Does she believe she is perched… … … Still, I wonder about this sweet little bird.’ Though, the entire first paragraph could be considered first person now that I’ve re-read. To clarify – it is clear that Martha is narrating the paragraph but the next is omnipresent second person. In a flash-fic the chop-and-change is better marked so it doesn’t feel abrupt. If they were different chapters the abruptness would not exist because the preparedness for change is there already.

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