Monday’s Finish the Story Feb 16, 2015

Little did they know when the photographer took their picture that they would find themselves trapped in a painting…


” That’s right. That’s what I said, Sir. He called me last night and said they were, well, I already told you. I was told to call you that you could remedy the situation.”

. . .

“Yes, I know that you are a paranormal investigator and can do, well… certain things… that most other people are not able to do.”

. . .

“The guy just asked to take their picture and of course, being a new jazz band, they felt that would be good for their band. You know, they need the publicity.”

. . .

“Okay Sir, I will, Sir. I will bring the painting here to my office. And, you will bring the Curanderas here at 4:00 pm.”

. . .

“Yes, I know what a Curanderas is! A witch!”

. . .

“Are you sure she can get them out of the painting?” (148 words)

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Barbara Beecham is our kind host for Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge. She gives us a photo prompt and the first sentence to the story. She challenges us to write a story based on the photo in 150 words or less (not counting the first sentence).

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47 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish the Story Feb 16, 2015

    • A Curanderas is a “Mexican Folk Healer.” They mainly used herbs and things. Many people referred to them as “witches.” If you can get this book, it is well worth reading! “Bless Me Ultima.” It is about a Curanderas.

  1. I loved the format of this. It creates a different feel, more like the investigation that it really is. I had to ask my wife what a Curandera is. So cool that she is the one to get them out of the painting. Great story!

    • Thank you Suzanne! I appreciate you reading and for your feedback. I have lived in New Mexico all my life and the first I heard of Curendaras was when my college English professor had us read the book, “Bless Me Ultima.” Great book if you are interested at all in reading it. The author is from New Mexico.

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