Sunday Photo Fiction

The Storm

Missy watched as the howling winds bent the trees farther down than she had ever seen before.

“Momma, I'm afraid. We aren't going to be blown away are we?”

Momma walked over to her frightened daughter, and put her arms around her, hoping this would help her feel safe.

“Darling, the storm is coming fast and we must leave as soon as pappa comes. So, we must be ready to leave.”

Missy began putting her prized possessions into her small suitcase. Bunny Muffins, yes, she must definitely take Bunny Muffins, her favorite stuffed animal since birth. Next would be Totto, the little dog that she got for Christmas two years ago. No, she couldn't forget Totto.

“Missy, you need to put clothes in your suitcase, not just toys.”

Suddenly a strong gust of wind picked up the small house sending it tumbling toward the enchanting and magical Land of nOz.

150 words (not including title).




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