Please Read: Blog Update

Have you ever had a thought or have thoughts in your mind that just wouldn’t go away? Such thoughts that persist until you act upon them?

This remind me of Michelle’s (Hope the Happy Hugger) latest blog post which is a picture of her cat, HRH, titled, “The Look.”

In other words, thoughts DEMANDING your attention? I have been having those ‘demanding’ thoughts the past several days and today I finally put them to rest.

I have changed the name of my blog again, (hopefully for the last time).

Please meet my new blog title:

~~ B E A U T I F U L Β  Β W O R D S ~~


96 thoughts on “Please Read: Blog Update

  1. Best title yet, PJ. I’m on board here, too. Now we have to find a spot for the little girl sweating at the typewriter at the bottom of the right column or something. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice name!! Sounds good this word-y name combined with the word ‘beautiful’.

    My blog has a similar name. Ever since I named it Magnanimous Word,I have been in two minds, to keep it or change it. Or to just add ‘s’ to the ‘word’ part. I should take advice from the community where I never interact.

    • Thank you! When I thought of this blog name, my mind would not let me rest until I changed my current name to it. Why? I don’t know but it sure was persistant! lol I like the name of your blog. I hope this name change is for the best. πŸ™‚ ((hugs)) xo

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t dislike my blog’s name but for some reason my mind was persistent until I changed it. So, I hope it is for the best. As far as the pink color. Do you think it is too “pink?” I’m having problems getting a color to match the header. It is only giving me two options.

  3. I love the evolution – seems this blog has brought you much joy and helped change your outlook. I see such a difference in your writing from the beginning and even in your positive outlook. Seems this has been such a good thing for you. Beautiful Words is a great name PJ! xo

    • Thank you Jodi! I hope it was/is a good change. I know that I have evolved emotionally anyway since I first started blogging. I was a scared, confused, and self-conscience blogger. Once I met you and other wonderful people on WordPress, my blogging life began to change for the better and it has only gotten better each day. Thank you for contributing to that Jodi. You mean the world to me. I hope we get to meet someday. (Which by the way, I only live 50 miles from Colorado and you said you always wanted to go to Colorado…. πŸ™‚ ).

        • Thank you for the invite! It isn’t easy for me to travel because of my back. But, there are some beautiful places in Colorado that are not too far away. Telluride, Durango, Mesa Verde (Anasazi Indian Ruins), Purgatory (ski resort). Ouray….

  4. Lovely! It is good to listen to the persistent voice!

    Mine kept telling me to catch up with some bloggers I follow and get emails from everyday! So here I am.

    I like the new name and format! It is fresh and bright!

    Well done PJ!

  5. I do like the title very much! Has a nice ring to it. I have so many voices swarming in my head its hard to put them all to rest… Hopefully that will settle down with age… o.O
    Great job Ms. PJ!

  6. Eh, you know I didn’t actually notice at first. This is mostly because I focus more on Avatars rather then blog titles. From my perspective it is nothing more then a step up the ladder: there is nothing more beautiful then words inspired by passionate emotions. πŸ™‚ Blog titles are important, you’ve choosen one that suits you well. It takes considerable motivation to completely re-personalise a blog like that. One reason mine won’t change.

    • Thank you so much for your compliment. It sounds like you have spent a lot of time getting your blog theme to fit you? I thought mine fit me, but it seems I must feel like I am evolving on WordPress (hopefully anyway), and my blog is evolving with me. Have a wonderful day!

      • Well i’d like to have a better background in terms of art and change theme recently to better allow readers to see other posts. But the colour, purpose, and name are very much in keeping with my mild nuttiness, and changable personality.

          • Haha, thanks. I did put some thought in but for the most part you just have to go with what right. The only thing I keep in mind is supporting the written work – if you believe something is an art you fail if you don’t treat it so.

          • My way of protesting not actually being able to paint. πŸ™‚ I can’t use a brush but I can point, click and write. Its almost a dare for someone to try and stop me.

          • Lol We are both saying the same thing! Sorry; long trip to another city today for a head scan. My brain is not functioning as it should. πŸ™‚

          • You are probably exhausted from the trip. Your brain has been through major trauma and needs some time for R&R. Do you spend a lot of time on the internet? Could it be stressing it out some??

          • Lack of sleep is more likely the culprit this time. I shocked another radiologist by napping in the MRI chamber. If it were the internet usage I would not have just manage an 800 word piece… It’s actually odd how different kinds of tiredness affect specific tasks within the brain itself.

          • I’m not that familiar with how the brain functions but I can imagine that what you said is correct. That is wonderful that you just wrote a 800 piece of writing! That means you are strengthening your brain and that can only be good for it. ( I would think).

          • I wouldn’t notice something like that either. I think we tend to take something for granted until we don’t have it or it is threatened in some way. That is how I am anyway.

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