Brain Power

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it? ~ Daily Post Prompt 1/15/15

Something tells me that if I were able to unlock the remaining 90% of my brain power that I would be fully evolved. I would want to be able to do the following things.

I would want to be able to do something that would save humanity against itself. What that would be I don’t know, but if I were fully evolved, I would know. There would be no more hatred, nuclear weapons, or any other weapons for that matter. We would all be able to live together without racism, hatred, greed, and other negative traits that is causing humans to kill, steal, and destroy from other humans.

Next, I would know what must be done to save the earth and the animals of the earth. There would be no more “extinct animals.” Humans would no longer kill and abuse the animals of this earth.

I can see that I am trying to build an imaginary Utopia in my writing today. People think that is completely unrealistic. But I think, should I, and other humans, be fully evolved, we would realize the great need to stop destroying each other, this earth and the animals of this earth and live among one another in peace and love.

Yes! Let’s do this!


13 thoughts on “Brain Power

  1. GEE! Just think of it, 100 percent. I would be like different person. Problems of all kinds would be solved, not only for me but more importantly, for the whole world. I would be so busy solving problems I would want there to be more than 24 hours in a day!

    • Thank you! It was the first thing that “flew” into my brain. If I had thought about it, I would have spread some of that brain power around so I wouldn’t have to work myself to death. LOL!! Thanks!

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