Audience of One

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Audience of One.”

Years ago, I moved to Ft. Worth, Texas, to my aunt and uncle’s , while I looked for a job and a place of my own. At this time, my uncle was part owner of a country club and generally was at the club during the evenings.

My Aunt Betty decided to go to bed early one night so I went into my bedroom and started getting ready for bed. Suddenly, I thought of something I needed to ask my aunt.

I went to her bedroom door and decided I would only knock lightly. If she was already in bed and asleep, I didn’t want to wake her. I waited for a few minutes and she didn’t respond so I decided to wait and ask her about it in the morning.

I went back into my room, turned off the lights, and got into bed. Just as I was falling asleep, my bedroom door was thrown open and at the same time my bedroom lights flashed on me. I grabbed the covers and sat up in bed, beyond startled to be staring into the barrel of a pistol. I look up and see a policeman behind it.

“Oh my God, what is wrong?” I asked, shaking from the shock and fright.

“Is there anyone in here with you?” The policeman asked.

“No! No one, just me.”

“Are you sure?”

I replied, “Yes, I am absolutely sure.”

“Come into the kitchen with me and your aunt.”

“Give me a chance for my heart to start beating again and I will get dressed and come there.”

I quickly threw on a robe and ran into the kitchen. My aunt was trembling as bad as I was. I had no earthly idea what was happening.

The policeman began explaining that my aunt called 911 because she thought we were being robbed. (Apparently when I tapped on her bedroom door she thought I had already gone to bed and naturally assumed someone had come into the house).

She and I stayed up for quite awhile after that because by that time we were both wide awake. After our adrenaline rush died down we both had a good laugh.

It’s nice to know that the policemen are concerned about our homes and our safety and put their own lives on the line to achieve that, but I hope I never have to experience that again.

He left us one of his cards and I will never forget his name. “Jim Clark”.


15 thoughts on “Audience of One

    • Thank you! It was very frightening! Thank goodness there wasn’t really a robber. I had forgotten about this until I read something someone else wrote yesterday and it reminded me of it. Thank you for reading and commenting. ((Hugs!)) xo

  1. OMgosh!This really happened! I can imagine your fright! But I can also imagine the huge laughter you and your Aunt must have shared when your pulses got back down to normal! 🙂

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