I have a request

I am looking for a Christmas themed photograph from any one who is feeling generous, to loan to me to use as the header on my blog from now until the end of December. If you don't mind sharing one of your photos with me, and don't mind having it cut down to fit my theme, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I would give you full credit for the photo. You will still “own” the image, and I would not make money from it any capacity.

Thank you for considering this. 🙂


26 thoughts on “I have a request

  1. All I have is one, and it’s of my own Christmas tree, and it’s not even decorated yet. Just the lights. Hubby and I have had the flu and it’s all we’ve been able to do. Can’t even get out and take any photos! 😦

  2. I have few Christmas pictures from my recent trip to Florida. They are mostly of decorated Christmas trees or beautiful lights. Let me know if you are looking for something specific and I will be happy to look into my folders. As you would prefer a horizontal picture which can fit perfectly in your theme. Also let me know where can I email these pictures.

  3. Any holiday images I use on the blog that I took (not Wolfgang) you may use for your header. I just posted the first one today. I’ll have another in a couple days. Hope one of them works for you.

  4. Hi Joy, not sure what you are looking for? I’m not the best photographer! hahaha, which is why I joined photography101! However, what in particular are you looking for? If I can help out, I’d be pleased to. Let me know.

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