Triumph – River Boys

The photographs I was trying to create for my Triumph post didn’t turn out. So, I have decided to make my Triumph post about my young friends at the river. They were at the river the day I went to do some photographing and I asked them if I could photograph them. They were only too happy to do so  and enjoyed posing. LOL.  This post is for them.

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27 thoughts on “Triumph – River Boys

  1. I think you triumphed in your challenge! As we were taught in school, the fact that you posted shows you didn’t fail, but your photos are amazing! I love your slice-of-life shots. They’re fun and relaxed and they tell a story. Well done!

  2. You captured the best part of photography, subjects that enjoy you taking photos. You nailed “Triumph” triumphantly. 😃

    • Thank you so much Robert! I wish you the very best in your future and hopefully we will all be taking another photography class together in January. It has been a pleasure being on this journey with you.

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