Photography 101 – Edges

I'm using an image that I also used in another assignment but made it B&W instead of color. I used the board planks of the bridge for straightening.

The same bridge at a different angle.

One tree, three trunks.

A little friend came to visit Sunday. LOL (I was surprised to see that a lady bug was still alive with the bitter cold weather we are having). I took her off my iPad and placed her on one of my potted plants (just in case there were any aphids and because I didn't want to put her outside to freeze. Now she can die of old age instead of freezing. Haha). Oh, And I did try to straighten the edge of my iPad but I can see that it is still crooked. Oh well.



26 thoughts on “Edges

  1. i love the second photo with the bridge. is there a possible vantage point where you can see the whole span of it without something obscuring the view? i would love to see it in its full glory with the river below.

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